Setting Location Bid Adjustment in Adwords for Better Traffic

Setting Location Bid Adjustment in Adwords for Better Traffic
As we all know that Google Adwords is one of the most efficient and widely used paid online marketing platform which can helping in boosting your business to a great extend. Google Adwords comes up with some great and sophisticated reports and facilities which you can adjust to make sure that your ads and campaigns are running good. Even if your Ad campaigns are running fine, you cannot relax and stay away from monitoring your campaign reports. You always need to make necessary changes and adjustments on your Adwords campaign to make sure that they are bringing the best ROI for your business.

One such major but simple adjustment that you can perform on your Adwords campaign to enhance your effectiveness of your ads is the Location Bid Adjustment. The location bid adjustment helps you to adjust your bids based on different locations. For example if you are running your campaigns in the United States and you are getting the most clicks from Dallas, you can eventually set up a more bid value for the location Dallas to get more clicks from that place.

Adjusting your location bids in Adwords has proved to be one of the best ways to get more clicks for your ads and this is something that is often neglected by most of the online marketers. If you are getting more clicks from a particular location and your average position is not in the top 3 spots, then there is no harm in adjusting your bids to a higher level to make the average position of your ad in the top 2 or 3 positions. The fact is that you might be getting decent clicks even if your average position is greater than three, but if you can make your average position less than three by adjusting your location based bids, then you are surely going to see an increase in the number of clicks and thereby an overall improvement in the number of leads or potential customers.

Making location based bids are beneficial to the overall performance of your Adwords campaign and if you are not still making use of this amazing facility, then it is high time that you should look into this feature. Here are the easy steps involved in setting location bid adjustment for your Adwords campaign.

1) Sign-in to your Adwords account.
2) Select a particular campaign that you wish to do location bid adjustment.
3) Go the settings tab and you can see 4 small tabs just below that (Only if you have selected “Search Network with Display Select Option“).
4) Select “Locations” from those 4 tabs. If you are targeting your campaign for some particular locations, then you can see the list of locations along with major metrics such as clicks, impressions, CTR, Average CPC etc.
5) Just have a look at the locations that fetches you more clicks, impressions and CTR. If you have a location that gets your more clicks and impressions, but still it’s average position is more than 2, then you can really increase its bid so that the average position improves.

6) You can see a — symbol under the Bid Adjustment column for particular location information and when you double click on that symbol, you will be able to see the option to increase or decrease the bid by a particular percentage. Click on the symbol and adjust your bid as per the situation.


7) Now you are done with your location bid adjustment and now you only need to wait for some days and see the click improving further from that particular location. You can also apply the same to other locations that you feel can bring more clicks if the location bid is adjusted.


Believe me, location based bidding can really improve the performance and efficiency of your Adwords campaigns and this is considered to be one of the major Adwords optimization activities that can really take your campaigns to a higher level. This is quite an easy and simple activity by which you can see a marginal improvement in your overall impressions, clicks and other important Adwords metrics.

Also have a look at a simple video which shows the way a location based bidding is done in Adwords.

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