How to Adjust Mobile Bidding in Your Adwords Account

Mobiles and gadgets are something that are gaining huge popularity across the world and the mobile users are almost on the verge of overtaking the traditional desktop users. This clearly speaks about optimizing your online marketing activities in such a way that it does not miss out on the large mobile user audience. If you can have a look at your web analytics, then you will get a clear idea about how the mobiles and gadgets are becoming the major source of devices that drives traffic to your website.

This clearly states that mobiles and gadgets are the next big thing and rather than just optimizing your Adwords for desktop users, you should also start optimizing your Adwords campaigns for mobile devices too. This will make sure that you will receive a good number of targeted visitors to your website and things will be made more perfect if you start optimizing the Adwords bidding for mobile devices. Adwords clearly offers the facility to increase or decrease the bid for mobile devices and this will help you in adjusting your campaigns to a better level of performance.

By adjusting the mobile bidding of your Adwords account you will be able to capitalize on those potential clicks and visitors from various mobile devices that might convert into a lead or sale. If you have selected “Search Network with Display Select Option” for your Adwords, then you can definetely see the option “Devices” under the “Settings” tab. If the report under the “Devices” shows that your average ad position is greater than 2, then you should think of adjusting your bid for mobile devices and in this case you need to increase your mobile bidding by some percentage.

Once you have adjusted your mobile bidding, just wait for few days and see the tangible increase in the number of clicks and lead. This indeed speaks about the power of mobile bidding for your Adwords campaign and if managed wisely, can fetch your incredible results with your Adwords campaign. Here are some of the basic steps that show you how to adjust mobile bidding for your Adwords campaigns.

1) Log into your Adwords Account.
2) Select the Campaign for which you need to do mobile bidding adjustment. Make sure that your campaign has “Search Network with Display Select Option” selected.

3) Go to the settings tab where you can see an option named “Devices”, which you need to click and select.
4) Now you can see a report which has a row named “Mobile devices with full browsers”  and this row has a column named “Bid adj” where you can adjust your mobile bidding.

5) Click on the “–” sign under the “Bid adj” column and you will see an option to increase or decrease the bid to a specific percentage.



6) Adjust your bid and wait for few days.
7) After few days you can see an increase in the average position  and consequently a good improvement in the number of clicks and leads.

The mobile bidding strategy is something that is ignored most of the time, but by ignoring it, we are indeed paying a heavy price for it. So always try with mobile bidding adjustment until you get the best out of it. Your Adwords campaigns need to be optimized in the best ways to stay ahead in the ever growing competition and mobile bidding is just one of the adwords optimization strategies that you can easily embrace.

The Below Video can also help you understand mobile bidding adjustments in a better way.

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