What to do When Your Adwords Campaign is Struggling

Google’s Adwords platform is one of the best online marketing platforms to get instant traffic and enquiries to a web page. We all must have used this amazing online marketing platform at least once and have different opinions regarding the same. Google Adwords is a pay per click marketing tool which helps to drive instant and relevant traffic to a website. This is considered to be one of the most effective search engine marketing (SEM) activities that can bring about relevant visits and enquiries from a website.

Most of us think that Google Adwords is the best and easiest method to drive traffic, even if you need to spend some amount. But the other side is that there are times when Google Adwords will not fetch you the desired results and response due to various reasons. But ultimately you will feel dejected and would not have any clue on what is happening and what to do next. You might have some bitter experience with an Adwords campaign that is really struggling to drive traffic and leads from your website.

Before coming to the conclusion that Adwords does not work for you, you might need to think deeper into the issue and find out what is going wrong with your campaigns. A slight change in any of you Adwords settings can really solve the issue and make your campaign running in the best way. There are a lot of simple and basic things that you can impose on your Adwords campaign so as it starts yielding you the desired results. Most of the time we do not care to take note of these simple solutions that can really trigger a better Adwords campaign for you.

Here are some of the basic and simple activities that you can implement if your adwords campaign is struggling to create the desired impact from your online marketing activities.

1) Re-do Keyword Research
Most of the time we need to do a second time keyword research for our Adwords campaign, so as to get more specific and target oriented keywords which have high chances of getting converted into clicks. Do not ever stick with the same set of keywords for a long time with your Adwords campaign, rather keep on updating it with new and potential keywords that can boost your Adwords campaign.

2) Remove Non Performing Keywords
There will always be some keywords in your existing lists that are considered to be non performing due to the less number of impressions and clicks for a longer period. Such keywords do not need to be there and the presence of such keywords can indeed harm you Quality Score. So better remove such keywords so that your Quality Score of your Adwords campaign gets improved.

3) Retain performing keywords
While removing the non-performing keywords, do not ever think of changing or removing your performing keywords. The performing keywords are however bringing you some kind of clicks and changing such keywords can really destroy the balance of your campaign.

4) Adjust Your Daily Budget
You can always check your daily budget and make slight adjustments if your Adwords campaign is not performing as espected. If the daily Adwords budget is reached regularly, then you can slightly increase the budget to get more clicks from your campaign.

5) Change Keyword Bidding Amount
There might be certain keywords that are have high potential of being clicked, but have huge competition. In such cases you increase or change the individual bidding rate for that keyword to show up in search results. You can also decrease the individual bid amount of keywords that do not have that much competition.

6) Work on Your Geographical Targeting
At times you ads  might be served in geographical locations where you do not have any potential visitors or customers. Running your ads in such locations will not yield any relevant clicks on your ads and hence it is highly recommended to focus your geographical targeting to locations where you could have more potential visitors. Such an adjustment on your geographical targeting might improve your overall click through ration (CTR) and improved Adwords performance.

7) Improve Your Landing Page
In some cases, you might be getting enough clicks on your Adwords ads, consistently meeting your daily budget, but not at all getting any relevant enquiries. In this case you should strictly have a look at your landing page and focus more on conversion optimization of your landing page. A badly designed landing page will not get you any enquiries or conversion and on the other hand if your landing page is designed in a professional way, it can get your more enquiries from the visits that it gets. You can also read about the tips for making your landing page more effective in one of my previous blog post.

These are some simple tips and tricks that you can do in order to boost your Adwords campaign and ensure that you get a better ROI. If your Adwords campaign is really struggling to make an impact, then you can certainly try the above tips and see the change.


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