The New Google Keyword Tool is Really Cool

I was actually very happy to see the new version of Google Keyword Tools 2 days back and it looks to have gained some polished touches on its overall look and feel. The look and feel of the new Google Keyword Tool is more professional now and also has an increased speed in delivering the results.

The new Keyword tools has some additional options and metrics to do a more effective keyword research. The tool was released few months back, but was not fully rolled out for its users. It is only few days back that I got this feature. The new keyword tool helps you get keyword ideas based on your keywords, website content and user searches all in one page.

With the old keyword tool you had to perform separate operations for getting keyword ideas based on keywords, websites, category etc. But with the New Google keyword you can perform research based on a combination of all these (keywords, websites, category ). The new tool also helps you to do research for a keyword by using all the match types at the same time. The tool also makes in much more easier to export and download the results on to your desktop.

Actually I haven’t yet started working fully with the new tool, but am sure that this tool would make my keyword research more smoother and effective. Will blog about more features of this tool later in this blog. Till then happy weekend.


  1. says

    Thats a good news

    I have always used google keyword tool even when people were saying lot of things about word tracker and keyword discovery

    Anything from google would be good, i am looking forward to use it

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