Some Important Features of Internet Business Promoter (IBP) Tool

IBP (Internet Business Promoter) is one of the best SEO tool available and is used for enhancing and assisting you with your SEO campaigns. I came to know about this software a few years back but ever since, I haven’t got an opportunity to use it. After reading some of its review and customer feedback, I decided to have a look at this internet marketing tool.  Initially I decided to try its demo version before purchasing it. After downloading and trying its demo version I done an overall basic study about the  tool and learned that this tool is something worth buying, if you are serious about your SEO activities. These are some of the best features that I have noticed with IBP.

1) Helps to Automatically Submit Sites to Search Engines
IBP tool lets you submit your site to various search engines. Even though there is no need to submit your sites to the major search engines there are many small localized search engines to which you need to submit your sites in order to get listed. IBP does this for you as it has some of the big and small search engines in its list to submit.

2) Helps to submit sites to relevant directories
IBP helps you in submitting your sites to directories and it offers semi automated submissions to make it less spammy. The tool will fill out the form, and we just need to fill out some missing data such as “Category”, “Captcha Code” etc and press the submit button.

3) Helps to find websites that could link to your site.
The ARELIS Link Manager of IBP helps you to find out the potential websites that could link back to your website. After assessing your site, the tool helps you to find your most potential link partner. i.e the most relevant site that is good for getting a backlink.

4) Uses SEO evaluation methods that are not blacklisted by Search Engines.
Unlike other SEO tools, IBP’s SEO evaluation methods are not blacklisted by any of the search engines. It claims to follow the most ethical evaluation method, that do not create any head ache to any of the search engines.

5) Clean and Accurate Keyword Ranking Report.
The Tool is useful for generating a clean and accurate keyword ranking report for your website. You can  schedule your keyword rank generation process and can also customize your reports as per your interest.

These are only few of the features that I noticed, and there might be other amazing feature which I might have missed.  But once I get familiar with this tool, I am sure to increase the list of the feature and would also share other information regarding this tool.

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