How to Create New AdGroup for an Existing Campaign in Google Adwords

AdGroups are one of the best option to manage your keywords in Google Adwords.  With AdGroups, you can easily categorize your keywords based on various factors and it helps to assess the performance of the keywords in a much better way. For those who are new to Google Adwords, then here is a basic article which tells you how to create a new AdGroups in an existing campaign in Google Adwords.

Most of us would be aware about the importance of Adwords and how it works out to bring more traffic and leads to our website. Google Adwords is one of the best way to get quick traffic to our website and the more money we are willing to spend, the more targeted traffic would be flowing to our website. The steps are really simple and you just need to fill the right keywords, ad description etc to make the most out of our online advertising activities through Adwords. The steps that are included to create a new AdGroup for an existing campaign in Google Adwords are given below.

1) Go and login with the Adwords account at
2) Click the campaign tab where you can see the list of campaigns that are created in the Adwords account.
3) Click on the campaign name under which you wish to add a new AdGroup.
4) Once you click on the campaign name, you can see a tab named “Ad groups” which has a button named “New ad group”.
5) Click on the button “New ad group” and you would be asked to enter the information for the particular new ad group.
6) Once the information are filled, click on the button “Save ad group” and you are done.

You can add more than one AdGroup in a particular campaign and by doing this you would be able to set up different sets of keywords for different ads. This would help to run and manage your Adwords campaign in much better way.  Adwords combined with a professional SEO  services can really boost your online marketing activities.

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