How to Create Customized URL For Your Facebook Group

Facebook groups are one of the best features of Facebook and groups helps to stay connected with a group of friends and discuss and share information in a casual way. Unlike Facebook Pages, Groups are not fully accessible by non-members and if you need to know more about the activities inside the group, then you need to join the group. Since Facebook groups are indexed by search engines, it would offer you some good value from the search engines if it is optimized properly.

The basic URL structure of  a Facebook group is which is not at all search engine friendly. On the other hand if your group URL is something like, it would serve you in a better way as far as search engine traffic is considered. Here I would explain how to create a customized URL for your Facebook group.

1) Log into your Facebook Account

2) Click on the Group in your Profile.
Now You would be on your group with its URL e.g.

3) On the right hand side of your group click on the link named “Edit Group

4) Here you will see a  button named “Set Up Group Email” which you need to click.

5) Once you click that button, you can see a dialog box, which prompt you to enter an new Facebook group email address ( Select the username of the email carefully as this would be the name that would be associated with your group URL.

6) Once you type the username, click on the button named “Create Email” and now you are done with creating a customized URL for your Facebook group.


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