Major Types of Social Media Websites

Social Media is the real buzz of Internet and is constantly evolving all the days. Those who are internet savvy cannot ignore the contributions of the various social media sites.  There are various types of social media sites that suits for different purposes. Social Media really helps you in connecting with other people over the internet in a much efficient and effective way.

Social Media have already proved to be one of the best advertising platforms and since it is easy to target a specific audience through social media, most of the online advertising or marketing companies gives top priority to social media sites. Social Media is all about engagement and mutual encouragement. You may not taste success in social media channels overnight, rather it requires constant and long-time involvement to be successful.

There are a large number of social media sites that are available on the net and they are used for various purposes. There is a huge classification of social media sites and the list goes on never-ending. Here I would like to project 7 major types of social media sites that we come across in our day to day life. There are even other types which are not mentioned in this list, so I would like you to come up with the suggestions, if I have missed out anything.

1) Blogging Sites
Blogging is the most common thing that is used by online users and is one of the best way to share and express your content and ideas over the net. The major example for blogging sites are Blogger, WordPress, tblog etc.

2) Microblogging Site
Microblogging is the latest blogging trend and has achieved huge support from the social media audience worldwide. Two of the major microblogging platform that have captured the internet market in the last few years are Twitter and Tumblr.

3) Location Based Networking Sites
Location based networking sites are yet another latest social media channels which helps you to enhance  and easily interact with your social networking range based on a particular location or are. Two of the major location based networking sites are Foursquare and Gowalla.

4) Social Networking Sites
Social Networking sites are one of the most commonly used social media sites and there are a large number of social networking available out of which a few have become popular. The social networking sites helps you to stay connected with your friends and peers on the internet. Few of the major social networking sites include Facebook, Orkut,  MySpace, LinkedIn etc.

5) Social Collaboration  Sites
Social Collaboration sites are sites that uses online audiences to enhance their content. The content on these sites are populated by social audience, and these contents are moderated before posting. A major example for social collaboration sites are the Wikis or Wikipedia.

6) Social Bookmarking Sites
Social Bookmarking sites are yet another hugely used social media sites and such sites helps you to save you bookmarks online. Social Bookmarking sites also allows voting for the bookmarked stuffs and there by provides some good amount of traffic to your website. The major social bookmarking sites are Digg, StumbleUpon, reddit,delicious etc.

7) Multimedia Sites
Multimedia sites are actually the entertainment sites on the internet and multimedia sites consist of website that share  video, music and pictures on the internet. The major multimedia sites are Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, YouTube, Vimeo, (Pandora,, Groove Shark, etc.


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