Social Media not good for senior citizens! Let’s talk

Due to the massive development in technology there are different sources available through which we can establish a communication platform and interact with people all around the world. Social Media has really a tremendous impact on our daily life and talking about the present situation, we can’t think our life without the use of Social Media sites.

But, if you think that social media is only restricted to the younger generation, then you are absolutely wrong. Today, the statistics prove that senior citizens are also using the Social Networking site to stay connected with the people.

Why seniors should use Social Media Sites?
It is widely popular among the senior citizens as it can be used independently while enjoying the comfort of the home. You may often come across with other people who might have some hearing problem and talking on the phone can be a real challenge for the receiver. The internet gives the opportunity to stay connected and view images of the grandchildren and the children. They can even get the chance to view the family’s activities and interact with old friends.

Now, let us talk about some of the benefits that Senior Citizens can receive from Social Media sites:

Interact with your Near Ones:
Social Media has now become the best mode of communication that helps you stay in touch with the children, friends and grandchildren. It is the effective platform that enables you to view videos and share pictures while having a conversation.

Great Source of Entertainment:
There are very few things to do for senior citizens and so they often get bored with their daily life. With the use of the social media they get the opportunity to read articles and view the blog post. There are also games available which can hold the attention of the older people.

Get Information on various Products and services:
There are things that senior citizens might not be aware of. So they can certainly make use of the Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other social media sites gain knowledge of a particular thing. They can talk to the representatives if they are searching for any product and gain confidence while purchasing it.

Senior Citizens are Engaging Themselves in Social Networking Sites
There are lots of seniors who got to know about the social media through their children and they soon realized the importance of it in their life. It is the best way to reconnect with old pals and search for the contacts that they have lost.

They can now easily communicate with the family members and long lost friends. The older people are found spending more time on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook for their business. It is the effective tool through which products and services of the business can easily be promoted.

Senior Citizens usually visit Facebook and YouTube. These are the best source through which they can get connected with the families and friends. We can conclude that social media is not only designed for the young people, but they can also be of great use to senior citizens. There is no confusion that the social networking sites helps in better communication and it is an effective process through which older people can stay in touch.

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