3 Modern Ways to Promote Your Company Through Social Media

Social media channels such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are being used by a large proportion of the population and help us to communicate, free of charge, and keep in touch with our friends. In a short span of time, these virtual places are becoming centers of exchange of views, information and experiences. It is here that customers and users seeking information about a service before using it: they inform, comment, leave reviews and opinions.

It is evident then as today is that every company must be active on social networks and listen to the opinions (both positive and negative) of its customers in order to improve. Here are three tips on how you can use social media to help you find online and to promote your service.
The company blog

1) Have a Corporate Blog
Having a corporate blog is very important. Creating your own business blog is an important factor that determines the flow of your business and would also help you to update it with information related to your service. For example, if you are a web agency, write articles, tips or guide on how to optimize your CMS for search engines and post it own your blog. You can write on any topics related to your service and post on your blog.

2) Set-up Facebook and Twitter Profiles
Facebook and Twitter are definitely the two most used social network of the moment. These two social media sites can be used to listen to things people say and think of you, create contests and competitions on behalf of your company online, ask questions to your customers and make yourself available to clarify and or assistance. You can also promote your services, company related updates, blog posts etc. in an efficient way through Facebook and Twitter.

3) Embrace Foursquare
Foursquare is a social network that is mainly based on geo location is being widely used by a lot of people. Its popularity is being increased day by day and is one of the most powerful social media channel. When the user goes through a particular public place Foursquare makes a check-in and notifies his friends that he was there. You can enter any suggestions or pictures on the site and you can effectively use it to provide discounts to those who make a certain number of check-in near your business, or you can give a prize gifts or gadgets.

These three are the most modern ways of promoting your company through social media and I have found it useful so far in the year 2011.


  1. says

    Creating a business blog also helps a lot due to the new ‘freshness’ rating Google has in place!

    It’s just an excellent idea, not only from an SEO point of view but from bringing a human side to your business. People are more likely to trust a company that can make them laugh, or raise some interesting and valid points.



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