8 Basic Steps For a Better Digg Profile

In my earlier post on Digg, I had given a brief introduction on Digg. That was just for the beginners who needed to know something about this social book marking news site. In this post I would like to brief, how to be an active Digg user.

1) Create a Profile
If you would like to be a part of the Digg community, the first thing that you should do is to create your own profile with Digg. Try to create a unique and catchy username, so that we it would be remembered by other Digg users. Upload a profile picture and also add a small bio through which people would be able to understand something about your interests.

2) Start Reading
Start reading the news and articles on the front page  as well as the upcoming section of Digg. You can see a lot of interesting and amazing news, facts, images, videos etc which might be interesting to you.

3) Start Digging
Start Digging or voting the articles that you find interesting both from the front page and from the upcoming sections. You can Digg by clicking on the Digg button provided along with the story headline. The vote that you give to the items in the upcoming sections may help them in popping up to the front page of Digg. Don’t digg blindly, rather digg stories that are worth it.

4) Help in removing spam
Lot of people has started using Digg and the number of Digg users has increased considerably. As a result a lot of spam, duplicate or inappropriate contents are being submitted to Digg, which are at times very much annoying. Help in removing such contents from Digg by burying them. You can bury such stories by clicking on the bury button. But remember that once you have voted for a story, you would not be able to bury them.

5) Start Commenting

Start commenting on stories which you think can be commented. Good comments are always appreciated by the Digg community. Also don’t try spamming while commenting on stories, i.e promoting your own links, inappropriate comments etc.

6) Add Friends
Make friends, those who submit contents that are similar to your interests. Once you add anyone as a friend, you would become his fan. Once he adds you back as a friend, then both would be mutual friends. Never try to make friends in an aggressive way, rather always try to keep a limit on the number of friends. Make sure that you get active and relevant users as friends.

7) Make Your Presence Felt
Make your presence felt among your friends by reviewing and voting for their content on a regular basis. Here also make sure that you won’t digg blindly. Never Digg a story only because it was submitted by your friend. If that story is a spam, inappropriate or irrelevant you can bury or leave it.

8 ) Start Submitting Interesting Stuffs
Once you have started doing the above steps in the proper way, now you can start submitting contents on your own. Select good and unique contents for submission and never try to submit content from your own blog or website on a regular basis. If you want to submit your own content, submit it once in a while rather going for every day. When the content submitted by you receives enough votes and comments, it may pop up to the front page of Digg, thereby sending a bulk of traffic to the website where the content is hosted.

Start exercising these steps on a regular basis and see how your Digg profile grows. Also take care while managing your profile, other wise you could get banned by Digg for which the reasons include many factors which I would be explaining in this blog later. Happy reading!!!


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    Hi George,

    Thank you for the comment you left on my blog earlier. If you have articles you would like me to share with my team on either of my blogs with links back to yours please let me know.


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    Hi George,

    Very helpful information…

    I really didnt use digg much.. because i never its importance..



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