Factors Determining Digg’s Upcoming Hot Section

Digg is the most active and hottest social media site around which is used for sharing online content, by link submissions, voting, commenting etc.  Rather than calling it a social media site, it is better to call it as a social news site. I have already mentioned about Digg, managing your Digg profile, tips for submitting contents to Digg etc in my earlier posts.

In this section I would like to write something about the factors that influences the stories in Digg’s upcoming hot section. Before that you need to know something about the upcoming section in Digg. The upcoming section is that part where the stories are stacked before being popped out into the front page. There are mainly 3 types of upcoming section which are the recommendation section (based on your profile), upcoming most section(links having most Diggs) and upcoming hot section (the hottest link in upcoming section).

The upcoming hot section in Digg is usually shown for 10 links in a particular category and is displayed after taking many factors into consideration. Some of the factors that takes into account for displaying in the upcoming hot section are given below.

1) The number of Diggs – This is the most important factor as the link post should get some amount of Diggs to be listed in the top 10 upcoming hot section.

2) The Time for getting the Diggs – The time in which the submission gets the Digg is also counted when considering it for the upcoming hot section.

3) The number of comments – The number of comments on the submissions can determine whether if would be featured on the hot section. The number of up votes for the comments are also taken into consideration.

4) The number of views – The number of views for the original page of the submitted stuff via Digg also determines the chances of making it appear on the upcoming hot section. The number of views can be seen while using the Digg URL shortner tool for that particular submission.

5) Website Popularity
– The popularity of the website plays a major role in deciding the fate of the submissions. There are certain websites which are highly white listed by Digg and they are much popular among the Digg community. If an article or news from a popular website is submitted, it has higher chances of featuring in the hot section.

6) Diggs by Power Users – There are certain power users in Digg, whose Diggs and comments could play a major role in determining the fate of a story. If a story has got some Diggs or comments from power users, that could make the story appear on the upcoming hot section.

There are some of the parameters that I have noticed while using Digg, but the above list is still incomplete. There may be lots of other factors which I am not aware of. So if anyone has any suggestion, just post a comment. Till then happy reading….


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    Great post George, you really explained it simply yet in detail. I have used Digg for months, yet never had a clue as to how they actually rated things. Certainly didn’t realize that there were so many factors involved.

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