10 Tips for submitting content to Digg

Digg is one of the most prolific social book marking site, which helps in generating traffic to any website. People submit content, images and video to Digg and the best stuff will be voted by other users and would be promoted to the front page, which in turn generates huge traffic to the site where the content, image or video is hosted.

There are various factors to consider and check while submitting something to Digg. These factors plays a major role in deciding the fate of the content, which is being submitted. If these factors are positive the chances for a content, image or video to pop out onto the front page is high. Here we would be discussing some major things that we should take care while submitting content into Digg.

1) Never Submit Duplicates.
Never try to submit articles that are already posted in Digg. This will reduce the chances of your submission getting the potential Diggs, and may also result in your submission getting buried. While submitting the content, Digg always shows you some potential duplicate content. If you are sure that your content is not duplicate, then you can go ahead.

2) Always submit unique and interesting posts
Content with uniqueness and high level of enthusiasm is the major factor determining the fate of your Digg submission and you can’t dare to compromise on these.

3) Be creative
Creativity is another aspect of Digg users and you need to be little creative while playing with Digg. Always try to write Titles and Description for your Digg submission in a creative and compelling way, so that users are forced to have a look at your submission, which increases the chances of getting more votes.

4) Submit in the right category
This is another part to take care while submitting in Digg. Even though you have a great content and you have submitted in a wrong category, it is sure to be buried down and vanish away. So always select the most appropriate category.

5) Check the authenticity of the Site.
Usually most of the Digg users submit anything that they find interesting. They get these stuffs by searching on the web, through some feeds etc. But before submitting please check the site thoroughly and confirm that the site is not against the rules and regulations of Digg. Such sites are usually black listed by Digg and you may even get banned for submitting stuff from those sites.

6) Avoid submitting pages with Ads.
Digg community hates to people who try to make money through Digg. Most of the sites which have good articles, often has a large number of Ads placed on it. This results in the burial of the story and a total waste of time. So make sure that the submitting page is not over stuffed with Ads and similar things.

7) Do not post promotional content.
Never try to post promotional content to Digg, as it may get buried easily and you may also get banned from Digg.

8 ) Check the bandwidth of the website.
If you are submitting content from your own website, make sure that the site has enough capacity to withstand the enormous traffic (Digg Effect) generated by Digg. Otherwise even if your submission hits the front page, nobody would be able to see your content.

9) Stay within the Limits of Digg’s Terms and Conditions
Your content should not violate Digg’s Terms and Conditions, doing which may result in the Termination of your account.

10) Don’t Game with Digg
After submitting don’t try to do any auspicious activities to promote your submission. Always be prepared with a good Digg network, so that you get the votes naturally.



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