Digg to Remove its Toolbar and Unban Domains

At last there seems to be some good news from Digg, which is sure to evoke a positive response from its users. Digg have decided to remove the much controversial Digg tool bar and has is also set to remove the bans that they have imposed on a large number or websites. According to Kevin Rose, these changes will take place only after the launch of Digg V4.

The DiggBar is being removed since the framing of content with an iFrame is not an healthy practice. The use of iFrames will cause serious Internet issues and was constantly criticized by the publishers and search engine marketing professionals.

According to Kevin Rose,

Framing content with an iFrame is bad for the Internet. It causes confusion when bookmarking, breaks w/iFrame busters, and has no ability to communicate with the lower frame (if you browse away from a story, the old digg count still persists). It’s an inconsistent/wonky user experience, and I’m happy to say we are killing it when we launch the new Digg (sign up for the beta here). That said, we will continue to iterate on our browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and IE. Look for seriously revamped versions of those in a few months.

The unbanning of domains will also bring huge relief to all web owners and search marketers, as many of their genuine websites were banned by Digg for some or other reasons. Even after the unbanning of domains, Digg will keep an eye over certain things to prevent malware / virus / TOS violations etc.

Previously any topic which were not liked by the Digg community was buried consistently and as a result many of the brilliant domains got banned by Digg. But this announcement means that we are free to submit domains related to any topic ( except malware, virus, TOS violations).

Read the original announcement at Digg Blog.

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