The Social Media Marketer and His Bag of Tools

Online marketers are turning to social media by the droves because these marketing methods work; it’s as simple as that. These platforms offer qualified backlinks, search engine listings and expose new content and websites to a large amount of traffic. However, just as in other online marketing methods, some of the activities can be extremely time consuming, as a result, online managers and marketing leaders need new social marketing tools or application releases to help implement marketing campaigns more efficiently. The following is a list of new social media space tools that can help do just that.

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5 Useful Twitter Monitoring Tools

Twitter is the most fastest growing social media site and has a large number of users. Twitter is so easy to use and most of the guys use Twitter for various purposes. Usually Twitter stats becomes too complex and makes it  difficult for us to manually monitor the tweets and hence we rely on various Twitter monitoring tools available.

A large number of Twitter monitoring tools are available and I have tried  a few of them. At last I have hand picked the top 5 of them, which I feel comfortable and easy to use. They may not be in the order listed below, but these 5 Twitter monitoring tools are always there in my browser’s bookmark.
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