LinkedIn Comes Up with a New Method for Lead Generation Through its Pages

In its latest update, LinkedIn has come up with a new method for generating leads through its pages. LinkedIn has decided to roll out its new tool that will help in generating leads through the pages and also measuring its overall results. As per its recent updates, LinkedIn has decided to introduce custom Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons on its lead generating ads. Initially they only had the option to add the button called “Follow”, and after getting various feedback from page admins, they have decided to include new customized call-to-action button on their ads.

The custom CTA buttons in LinkedIn can help you generate leads in a better way. The current custom CTA button option are:

  • Learn More
  • Contact Us
  • Sign up
  • Register
  • Visit Website

Once these custom CTA buttons are introduced by LinkedIn, the page admins will be able to measure the results through a new analytics dashboard. So, with the new analytics dashboard in LinkedIn, the page admins will be able to analyse the overall performance and other vital stats in a better way.


Apart from the custom CTA buttons and the new analytics dashboard, LinkedIn has also decided to bring in two new features to its pages. These two new features are “Communities Hashtags” and “Mobile Admin Editing” respectively. So, let us have look into what these two new features offered by LinkedIn really means.

Communities Hashtags

With the “Communities Hashtags” feature, the page admins are now able to add relevant hashtags by using the communities features from the admin center. By using the communities hashtags, page admins will be able to involve in direct engagement with the LinkedIn users through the provided hashtag content feed.

Mobile admin editing

Using the “Mobile Admin Editing” feature in LinkedIn, the page admins are now able to edit and update the major page details and already published content through their mobile devices. This feature is actually a great blessing for LinkedIn page admins, as they can edit or update their page content from anywhere using their mobile devices and this gives them more flexible mode of operation. As of now the communities hashtags and custom CTA buttons are available only through desktop.

So all these new features such as the customized CTA buttons, communities hashtags and mobile admin editing are capable of taking the LinkedIn lead generation and page management to newer levels. It has made things easy for LinkedIn page admins as they get more options and flexibility to manage their pages and ads. This will also help them to analyze the performance of their ads in a better way and will also help in improving the overall performance of the ads.

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