Google Goes More Social with Google Buzz

Google has put forward another important step towards being social with Google Buzz. Google has started Buzz to share information such as videos, updates, photos etc. Google is still in the process of rolling out this wonderful feature and all the Google accounts does not enjoy this social media feature for the time being. This feature will be available to all in the coming days.

The Major advantages of Google Buzz is mentioned below.

1) Google Buzz automatically follow people with whom you chat and email using your Gmail account.
2) Google Buzz lets you share your ideas to everyone or just keep it confined to your closest friends only.
3) The comments are directly sent into your Inbox and this makes the flow of conversation easier.
4) It allows viewing image thumbnails with each post and also helps to search for photos from popular sites.
5) Google Buzz also helps to connect with the major social media sites you use and import stuffs from them.
6) It helps you to see the latest post and comments without updating the browser.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages Google Buzz is also available on your phone, so that it makes it easier to see and share updates even if your are not in front of your computer.

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