Social Media Firm Fridge Acquired By Google

In yet another major acquisition, Google has decided to by the social media firm Fridge. Fridge consists of simple groups which help in the personal and private sharing of events, media and conversation. It is very much easy to use this social media site, as anyone can create a group and invite their friends to join, and share photos, videos, content etc.

The acquisition of Fridge by Google has made it sure that, Google is certainly planning to boost up Google+. Google+ is Google’s strong reply for Facebook and Google seems to have hit the right spot with the launch of Google +. The acquisition of Fridge would certainly be aimed at enhancing the activities at Google Plus. Fridge has officially become a part of Google with an announcement on Thursday, but the terms and conditions are yet to be disclosed.

The major aim of the acquisition is to provide more strength to the concept of Google+ Circles, where users would be able to share photos with a specific online group. All the groups would be based on a particular interest, and this would provide a much better and deeper interaction.
Google Fridge Acquisition Deal
Right now it is very much time consuming and a difficult task to create circles for different networks in Google+. The acquisition move would certainly ease up the circle creation process and would encourage more users to create specific circles in Google+.

Fridge has already announced in their website that they are shutting down their operations and joining Google. The move would also help Google plus in the coming days as Google+ app is already underway and once it is applicable on all the smart phone we can see the real effect.

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