How Social Media Marketing Benefits Your SEO Campaign

Social Media Marketing is one of the hottest thing in the area of online marketing and is also considered as one of the best viral marketing strategy that exist on the internet. Social Media Marketing have always complemented the traditional SEO activities and if you are really serious about your online marketing campaigns, then both of them should go hand in hand.  Most of the internet marketing professionals make the serious mistake of excluding social media marketing from their SEO activities.  Some online marketing guys also interpret social media marketing and social media optimization as the same, but the fact is that both are entirely different.

It has been proved time and again that Social Media marketing acts as a boosting activity for the SEO campaigns. With proper and effective social media marketing websites gain a lot of benefits in an SEO point of view. In short social media marketing always helps in boosting the SEO activities of a web site.  Some of the major advantages for SEO with an effective social media marketing program are listed below.

1) Branding
Social Media is one of the best platform available to enhance your  reputation and branding on the internet, provided it is carried out in the right and legitimate way. Remember, branding cannot be achieved overnight, but needs continuous effort and patience.

2) Getting More Backlinks
Social Media marketing helps you to get more backlinks to your website, both directly and indirectly. In other words, if your website content is marketed on relevant social media sites, you would surely be getting a handful of backlinks to your website from there directly.  If your content is promoted well on the various social media channels, other webmaster might naturally link back to your content, which is considered as the indirect but the best way of getting backlinks through social media marketing.

3) Traffic Generation
Traffic generation is another major benefit of social media marketing, that is liked by most of the web marketers who are into social media marketing. A site that is  marketed well in the social media platforms would be bringing you a large amount of instant and targeted traffic to your website.

4) Better Search Engine Performance
Social Media marketing is an amazing marketing strategy that helps in achieving a much better search engine performance for your website and it has been proved many times. And with the real time results by Google, social media marketing efforts has further improved its ability to improve the search engine rankings of a particular website.

5) Get More Targeted Traffic
Since marketing activities through social media channels is carried out on a specific groups or communities, it is quite clear that one would be getting more targeted traffic on to his web site. This aspect would certainly help and enhance the SEO campaign which is aimed at getting traffic from a targeted niche group.


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    It is true that social media marketing help build SEO campaigns. And surely the advantages you have listed here are definitely facts. I should share also this helpful topic of yours, George. Thanks.

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