Advantages of Pay Per Performance SEO

Pay per Performance or Performance based SEO is fastly becoming a popular phrase in the search engine optimization industry and this is considered to be one of the best way to get your SEO done by an agency or a consultant. Both the parties benefits from performance based SEO and this is really a safe way to manage your SEO projects. Pay for performance is entirely different from the traditional SEO campaigns and here you need to pay only for the results. If you do not get the desired results from your SEO activities, you are not supposed to pay anything towards your agency.
In the tradition SEO methods, a client has to purchase an SEO package for a particular time period and he has to pay the SEO agency even if he do not get the desired results from the SEO campaign. There is no guarantee that the amount invested for SEO activities would bring rich dividends to him. So here a client would be gambling his money invested in SEO, as his bucks spend may or may not go in vain.

This is where the pay per performance SEO model comes into play and here the clients have minimum risk of wasting their money on SEO. In pay per performance SEO, a client reaches an agreement with the SEO agency on a particular set of keywords and would only pay the agency for the keywords that reach the top positions in search engines. He would not have to pay for the other non performing keywords, when compared with the traditional SEO models. This would be a great time saving strategy and this would also encourage the SEO agency to work more effectively on those keywords to bring in better rankings.

In the last 3-4 years a lot of companies and agencies have changed their strategies and have shifted from the traditional SEO plans to the performance based SEO model. This is beneficial for both the agency and the client the agency also gets relieved from the high work pressure that is present in the traditional SEO strategies. Initially it was little difficult to educate the clients about the pay per performance SEO model, but later when they realized the benefits of this SEO model they started embracing it.

Here are some of the major benefits of Pay Per Performance SEO Model.

1) Better ROI
When you purchase a traditional SEO package, you have to pay the full amount irrespective of the results, where as in pay for performance SEO model, you just need to pay for the keywords that are performing. This would result in less investment and better results as you don’t need to pay for non performing keywords. The end result would be a better return over investment (ROI) when compared with the traditional SEO models.

2) Comfortable Payment Option
In the traditional SEO campaigns, you need to pay huge amount for a package and this would be a huge investment for you. In the pay for performance model, you don’t have to spend huge money as you only need to pay for the keywords that are ranking high in the search engines. This would make your payment more comfortable and flexible as you would have a better idea of how much to pay by looking at the keyword ranking reports.

3) Less Tension for SEO agencies
The pay for performance SEO model is really a blessing for SEO agencies and companies as they would not feel the over burden of getting rankings for all the keywords. Here they can flexibly target the major keywords to rank them higher and get paid for those performing keywords only.  In the traditional model, the agencies are always under pressure as the clients have huge expectation as they have paid a big amount for the SEO package. But in the pay for performance model, this issues is reduced to a great extend.

4) More productivity
Since the agency gets paid for the performing keywords, they could easily pick up the best potential keywords and work on them freely for better results and getting paid. This would really increase the productivity as the agency do not have the additional pressure and can thing freely of varied SEO techniques to bring keywords to the top on the search engines.

5) Better Rankings for Targeted Keywords
In pay for performance models, the agencies usually pick up the most important and potential keywords that can be ranked higher and this would result in the target keywords getting better search engine placements. We have seen that in most of the traditional SEO packages, a lot of unwanted keywords ranks higher for a particular keywords, as the agencies does SEO for a huge set of keywords to keep up the expectation of the clients. But in the PPF model SEO, the agency and the clients have already reached an agreement regarding the payment and this results in the agencies bringing better rankings for the most targeted keywords.


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    Yes Performance based SEO helps small scale website owners a lot.As it helps their budget under control when achieving expected output.

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