Some Advantages of SEO Over the Traditional Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) is one of the most heard words these days on the internet and is used by a large number of companies  and individuals who have a website of their own. SEO is one of the cheapest, affordable and reliable ways of marketing on the internet. This amazing online marketing technique has changed the way the companies look for marketing their services or products. Unlike 10 years back, today we can see a lot of agencies and freelancers providing specialized SEO packages to help the companies market their products and services online.

Before talking about the advantages of SEO over the traditional way of marketing, let us have  a brief idea about the various common traditional marketing strategies that companies    used to implement. In the traditional marketing strategies giving advertisements in a newspaper or a magazine was the most common way. This was costly as the rate varied depending upon the area upon which the advertisements should be displayed. Despite spending a large amount on this type of advertisement, one could not track the complete results of the advertising campaign as it was impossible to view sensitive data such as how many people viewed it, how many purchased the product upon seeing the ads etc.

The second common traditional way of advertising is the direct mailing method which involves sending our sending out letters to a large number of addresses which may includes audiences who are not at all interested in the services offered by the mailing party. This is a kind of disturbing marketing strategy and also involves a large amount of time and money spend.

The third type of traditional advertising was pushing advertisements on media channels such as radio and TV. But this was the most expensive way of marketing as one had to pay a huge amount for a few seconds of ads. Also the creation of the advertisements were also too expensive. This will reach more audience than the previous too methods but when we calculate the cost of the advertisements, the overall marketing cost would always be high.

When we take these 3 types of traditional advertising methods, the overall cost for advertising was always high and the results of the marketing activities were not always great. This was mainly due to the fact that even if the company got some increase in sales, the amount that they spend for the advertisements would always be high.

But when we come to SEO, which is one of the online marketing technique there is always a huge ROI when compared with the traditional advertising methods. The main reason behind this is that like every online marketing activities, SEO is also very much affordable and even if you have a small business, you can go for an SEO campaign for your website. The other fact is that if SEO is done in the proper way you would be getting  a steady traffic to your websites for a much long time.

Another advantage of SEO is that the traffic coming to your website would be more targeted and relevant as SEO helps in making your website visible in the search engines to the keywords that are related to your website. This means that the traffic coming to your website from the search engines are potential customers who searched on the net for the products and services that your company is offering.

Measurability is another major advantage of online marketing and hence the results of the SEO activities can clearly be measured using various tools available. By measuring the effectiveness and other stats of the website traffic we can make adjustments necessary adjustments in our SEO campaign to get more targeted visitors.

Even though SEO may not get you traffic instantly, once you have done the proper SEO, the traffic would be coming to your site in a gradual and steady manner. Once you start getting the traffic you just need to capitalize on those traffic with the various online marketing tools available. The above mentioned things are just the basic advantages of SEO over the traditional marketing activities and there are still other advantages SEO have over the traditional marketing methods. So if you are serious about doing online marketing for your products and services, then SEO is the best way to start with.


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