7 Types of Dangerous Unnatural Links as Per Google Penguin Update

We all must be having awareness about the Google Penguin update, which was released few weeks ago. Google Penguin Update is just one of those regular update in the Google search engine algorithm, which is focused at improving the overall search experience of end users. Every Google updates aims at showing up the most relevant and quality search results to users and Google Penguin has every right to claim that it is here to improve the overall search quality.
A lot of websites would experience a drop in their rankings, as they might not comply with the Google Penguin update and unless these websites make necessary changes, they would not make it to the top of the search results.  Google Penguin update lays more emphasis on link building and majority of the websites who are involved in extensive and aggressive link building activities are sure to suffer from the latest search engine update.

As per Google Penguin update, unnatural links to a particular website are sure to lose its importance and websites having a good number of unnatural links are going to lose its way in the search engine rankings. Here are some of the major and dangerous types of unnatural  links as per Google Penguin update and if you are serious about having a better search engine visibility for your website, then you need to pay high attention to the points mentioned below.

1)    Exact match anchor text
Gone are the days when we used to make use of the exact match anchor text to get back links and better keywords rankings.  As per the Google Penguin update the practice of creating exact match anchor text in the perspective of getting better keyword ranking and quality backlinks do not work anymore. Google has started noticing a lot of unhealthy linking using the exact anchor text and a lot of webmasters are trying to manipulate Google’s search algorithm.  So if you have the habit of inducting exact match anchor text for your link building activities, then it is time for you to stop the same and find any other methods which are not signaled by Google.

2)    Paid Text Links
The paid text link system is another major thing that if flagged by the recent Penguin update and as mentioned in the first point, the paid links also have the serious issue of inducting exact match anchor text in content.  Most of the paid links comes from irrelevant sites and Google’s algorithm has the firepower to identify the paid text links based on certain parameters and would really result in degrading your results. So rather than getting paid text links, why don’t we try to generate great content and get links naturally.

3)    Link Exchanges
Google had already banned the habit of exchanging links, and the recent Penguin update has strengthened the issue to a higher level. There are a lot of websites which still indulges in link exchange activities and it is high time for the webmasters and SEO professionals to stop this habit, if they are serious about getting better search engine visibility for their websites.

4)    Comment spam
Commenting on other website is a good way of increasing popularity and user interaction. But a lof of people have taken website commenting as a way of promoting their links extensively and Google’s Penguin update has decided to halt this type of comment spam. So if you are regularly using website commenting as a major means of acquiring backlinks, then it is high time that you rethink about this activity.

5)    Guest posts on low quality sites
Guest posts was also considered as yet another major means of getting backlinks and lot of webmasters were engaged in guest posting activities to increase their overall search engine rankings. But irrelevant and extensive guest posting activities have prompted Google to take necessary steps and as per the Penguin updates irrelevant and extensive guest posting is not a good thing.

6)    Links from Article marketing sites
Article marketing is one of the best and common ways of getting backlinks and has been used by webmasters for a long time. A lot of article directories have popped up with and webmasters started submitting the same content again and again in different article submission directories. The article submission also included using the same anchor text again and again in the hope of getting better search engine ranking.

7)    Links from dangerous sites
In the hope of getting backlinks at any cost, webmasters have often been engaged in link building campaigns from dangerous sites which are not at all good for browsing and may even harm your systems. Since it is much easy to get backlinks from dangerous websites, webmasters always go after such sites to get a handful of backlinks. But things have changed after the Penguin update and if you are serious about the health of your website, it is high time that you stop such activities.


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