How Article Marketing Can improve Your SEO Campaigns

Article Marketing is one of the best off page optimization techniques for any website. If done in the proper way article marketing is surely going to help you in your SEO campaigns in the long run. Article marketing is not a rocket science, but a simple process which includes writing articles related to your website’s services or products and publishing them in free article directories.

There are a large number of free article directories, but rather than going to each of those article directories and submitting your content I would suggest to stick with only the best article directories available. For example we can take the top 10 article directories to submit our articles and these top 10 article directories are selected based on certain criteria such as its page rank, its popularity, its approval rate etc.

Article Marketing can really enhance your SEO campaigns and here are some ways through which your SEO activities are benefited by article marketing.

1) Increased Targeted Traffic to Your website
The article posted in the major article directories can be provided with links to your website. It can be linked either by an anchor text or just a plain URL link in the body or in the resource box area. Usually people search for something on the article sites and when they find your articles through search list they would be by any means reading some part of your article. And if the article is compelling enough they are sure to click on the links provided in the article content and gets directed to your website.

2) Quality backlinks to your website

The links provided in the anchor text of an article can be a good backlinks for your website. Since the page rank of these article directories are high, your links in the article content would also be benefited from that. But remember that your article URL in a particular article directory may not have any page rank, but the page rank present in the home page of that article directory matters a lot.

3) Better Search Engine Ranking for your Anchor Text
While linking a certain keyword on your article content to your website, you are actually promoting the anchor text to which your site is linked. This would helped in getting better search engine ranking for that anchor text and you must wisely select your anchor text while linking.

4) Overall Search Engine Ranking for your Website
Since your site has got some good backlinks from these article directories along with improved ranking for your anchor text, it would definitely help yo improve the overall ranking for your website.

5) Improved Page Rank
Since you get quality links from these article directories, your page rank would also have a better chance of getting improved. Since people care little about the page rank these days, the page rank still is a mark of site authority and credibility among the major search engine Google. So page rank cannot be totally ignored.


  1. says

    Great blog! and great content. Many of us are trying to make it in the online marketing business. You provide quality and up to date info here.

    Best regards,
    J Anderzon

  2. Smith says

    Is there any harm in using automated article submission software? I mean to submit in a large number of article directories at a time?

  3. George says

    Thanks @Anderzon..
    @smith it is always better to stay away from automated tools to submit articles…always try to do it manually for better results.. :)

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