Article Marketing – Tips and Advantages

Articles submissions are one of the best and most ethical part of offpage optimization. It strengthens your website and also sends good traffic to your website. The strengthening of websites is made by generating quality back links to your site and is considered as one of the best off page optimization techniques. Such article marketing stuffs are one of the most cheapest way to advertise your website, if done in the proper way.

One of the major benefits of article submissions or article marketing is that it helps in making your major keywords rank higher in search engine results page. But don’t expect to spam via article marketing, as your articles might get rejected by the moderators of the article directories. It should be done in a moderate and proper way.

Another advantage of article marketing is getting quality backlinks, which serve as the backbone of your website. The number of backlinks for a website marks its popularity and plays a major role in getting better ranking and traffic. A well written and optimized article prompts readers to visit your site and know more about your services,  products or any other information specified in your website.

Usually the articles used for article marketing are not too long and the word count should be in the range 300-500. The article should be related to the industry which your website is serving and should to make it as unique and interesting as possible. Take care in using your main keywords inside the article wisely. Do not try to over stuff your keywords everywhere in the article. The keywords inside your articles should look genuine and sensible.

The completed articles are then submitted to various free article directories, which allows you to submit your articles. After approval by a moderator, your articles get published and would be available for others to read. If there is any issues with your articles, or your articles does not confine to the terms and conditions of the article directories, then your articles would get rejected. So always try to make your article as simple and accordingly to the terms and conditions of the directories.

Even though article marketing is the best way to promote your website and generate quality backlinks, it is somewhat time consuming. First you have to prepare your articles, then submit it to the directories and then wait for approval. Certain directories take some time to approve the articles. But once your articles are approved and published, you can expect some good results.

There are certain tips for article marketing campaign, which I have mentioned earlier in this blog. More advantages and tips on article marketing would be covered in this blog soon. Don’t hesitate to ask for any doubts or clarification regarding this.


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    Article Submission is very important because it gives permanent backlinks and drives related traffic…

    But one think i noticed is most of the directories take too long time to review and approve our article…

    We can use article spinning softwares to produce the same content in different ways so that directories wont feel that we submitting the same content many sites.


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