Check the Originality of Your Content Before Making it Live

Content is one of the most vital part of a website and has a major influence in determining the search visibility and overall popularity of a particular website. Your content clearly determines the success of your website and hence the content of your website should be perfect,  relevant and reflect the nature of your business. These days most webmasters pays importance to the content of the website and make sure that the content is up to the mark.

Usually webmasters hire someone for writing content for their website as  a lot of content writers are available at reasonable prices these days. As a large number of content writers are available, there is also a great chance of the quality of the content falling at times. You need to check the quality of the content written by these content writers, rather than the quantity. One of the major problem with the content these days is the lack of originality or uniqueness.

Most of the content writers who come at a low price usually does not spend too much time on researching and writing the content. Instead they search for some content and copies the same content without making any major changes. This will lead to content duplication which is not considered good by Google and other major search engines. It would also ruin your SEO efforts as your site will go down in the traffic growth. Even though Google does not come individually to your site and penalize your site, content duplication is not a healthy practice and you may not see enough output in your SEO activities.

So before accepting content from any content writer for your website, make sure to check the originality of your content. It is your responsibility to make sure that the content is unique and original. There are two ways to check the originality of your content and these ways make sure that you do not end up putting duplicate content on your website.

1) CopyScape Method
CopyScape method is one of the easiest and most popular ways. In this method you just need to go to and enter the URL of your website in the text box provided. If your content is duplicate, then CopyScape will show you a search result showing the sites that are using the same content. In this ways you can check the originality of your website content for better SEO results.

2) Google Search Method

This is a simple method and most commonly used ways to detect duplicate content. In this method you need to copy a portion of your content and do an exact search in Google. Exact search means to do the search by putting the search content between opening and closing double quotes. If there are duplicate content then Google will show the results containing the websites using the exact content that you used for search. In this ways you can detect duplicate content and eliminate them for better SEO outputs.

So before accepting any content from content writers at least conduct these two tests  and pay them only after the content passes these 2 simple tests.

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