Now You Will not Miss Your Friend’s Digg Submission…….

Digg is one of the most popular social media site and is mainly based on social bookmarking. This is generally a social media site for news and other interesting stuff, where the best articles and news gets more votes and enter the popular page of Digg. Once it enters the popular page it would stay there for a few days depending on the quality and popularity of the articles. An article or news on the front page of Digg is sure to get enourmous traffic till it stays there.

Earlier there was an option to share your news or article with your network in Digg, but a few weeks back Digg removed the sharing / shouting option. Now you have to promote it via Twitter or Facebook, for which you need to have a good network in both Twitter and Facebook. The problem now is that you are not able to recieve your friends submissions or share via your Digg account. Instead you have to search Twitter or Facebook for that and with this you wont be able to see most of your friends articles who are not active on Twitter or Facebook.
Sub DiggerFew days back I found a tool named Sub Digger Plus, which helps in keeping track of your friend’s submissions and also saves a lot of time.
This tool has a lot of facilities and would surely prove to be a much useful Digg tool. The tool is easy to use and you just need to enter your Digg user name into the box provided and you would be getting your friend’s submissions for the last 24 hours. You would be able to view your friend’s submission one at a time, and to view the next submission you have to click the next button provided at the bottom. You can also get the complete Diggs in last 24 hours listed in a single page by clicking the List View button. You can also easily mark the stories as read or unread.

The tools shows the original page or article submitted to Digg along with the Digg toolbar, which shows you username of the submitter, his avatar, title, url etc. With the List view option, you can also filter and sort the complete submission list. The Sub Digger Plus tool bar is compatible with the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Hope ths tool makes your Digg campaign a successful one and lets also hope that Digg would not penalize or ban us from using this much useful tool….



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    Digg is one of the most popular social media sites FOR ITS NICHE. There are a lot of sites that are more popular for different niches. I know that Digg can be useful if you are friends with a top digger, but the average Digg submission gets about, what, 5 votes?
    New people join Digg hoping to get their own site voted on, and the existing Diggers will quickly bury those new people. I’ve had an active Digg account for about 2 years and I receive at least one BURY request a week. I find many sites better than Digg.

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    Don’t care for Digg much myself, too much of a game for the people that spend their days on the site. People get buried for submitting a post that is too close to a Digg-master post – even if the Digg-master is the person that copied the post.
    I’ve got a 2 year old profile with a couple of front pages, but I don’t play their game which makes people pout.

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