How to Monitor the Website’s Active Users with Google Analytics [Video Tutorial]

Google Analytics is an amazing website traffic analyzing tool, that has become an integral part of all digital marketers and website owners across the world. The tool helps us to analyze various kinds of reports and metrics that are helpful in improving the performance of the website in the long run. The Active Users report in Google Analytics is another powerful report that gives you a clear indication of how your website is performing.

As a website owner, we will be doing a lot of digital marketing activities such as SEO, Social Media, Paid campaigns, etc to boost the traffic to our websites. After doing all this hard work, it will indeed be a waste of time, if we are not able to analyze the performance of the website properly. There are various small and major reports that are available with Google Analytics and the Active Users report is just one of them.

Even after having a decent amount of experience in digital marketing, we tend to ignore this report to some extend. But the fact is that this report is also as important as others. This report will provide you the details of the active users on your website for a particular time period. The time period is defined as 1 day, 7 day, 14 and 28 day active users. Once you start monitoring this report, you will indeed find it interesting.

If you want to see the report for the Active Users on your website, you can get it easily. Below are the steps that are required from your side to navigate to the Active Users report on Google Analytics.

  • Navigate through the left-hand side of the Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Click on “Audience” link.
  • Under the “Audience” link, click on “Active Users”.
  • Now you can see the report dashboard for Active Users on your website.

The below video tutorial can clearly explain to you how to view the Active Users report on Google Analytics. I hope that this video turns useful for you as a digital marketer or webmaster.

So, after watching the above analytics video tutorial, now you have got clarity on how to view the reports for Active Users on your website, using Google Analytics.

You need to learn how you can use these reports to improve your website’s performance and also to audit your overall digital marketing activities and strategies.

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