How to View City Wise Report for Google Analytics Traffic Sources [Video Tutorial]

Now we will just go through a small video tutorial that shows us how to view the city-wise report for the traffic sources in Google Analytics. The report is simple to be accessed and provides some useful insights for everyone who is keen on the digital marketing activities of their websites. The city-wise report for the traffic sources gives you the details about the cities from which your website got visitors during a particular time frame.

The city-wise traffic source report clearly defines the different cities from which the various traffic sources belong to. While doing various digital marketing activities such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and email marketing, you will be expecting traffic from a particular city for a particular traffic source. So, this report will help you in checking whether your digital marketing activities and campaigns are moving in the right direction. So if there are any kind of issues with your online marketing activities, then you can realize it from the city-wise report of Google Analytics.

Most of the time, we tend to ignore this report while analyzing our online marketing effectiveness. But the fact is that if we have a good idea about the city-wise distribution of our traffic sources, then we can fine-tune the marketing activities in a better way. So, we should always keep an eye on the city-wise report which is available in the Google Analytics report.

The steps for viewing the city-wise distribution of traffic sources in Google Analytics is very simple as given below.

  • Navigate through the links that are present on the left-hand side of the Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Click on the link that is labeled “Acquisition”
  • Click “All Traffic” link under “Acquisition”
  • Select “Source/Medium” under “All Traffic”
  • Now you can see a traffic report in which you can see various sources.
  • Click on any of the sources.
  • You can see a box named “Secondary Dimension” on the top of the traffic sources.
  • Click on that and browse down to Users -> City or simply type “City” in the box provided.
  • Now you will be able to see the city-wise distribution for a particular traffic source.

Let us now go through the simple and small Google Analytics video tutorial that helps you learn how to see the city-wise distribution for the traffic sources of your website.

The video will be very well helpful for you if you are new to digital marketing. Even if you have enough experience with digital marketing, you should not ignore the city-wise traffic source report of your website from Google Analytics.

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