How to Get the Gender Segregation Report for Your Website Traffic with Google Analytics [Video Tutorial]

Let us again go through a useful Google Analytics video tutorial that can help in improvising the performance of your website. This time, we will see how to get the gender segregation report of Google Analytics for the traffic coming on the website. This report will tell you about how many numbers or percentage of the total traffic of your website is male or female. This report indeed looks interesting when you are promoting specific products and services through your website.

We do not require the gender segmentation for all of our website traffic, but based on various situations and requirements, we need to get this report from Google Analytics. If we have a particular product being marketed through our website that is specially made for a particular gender such as male or female, then this report is being to be highly helpful. In this case, this report will help in analyzing the effectiveness of our digital marketing activities.

While producing the strategical reports for your digital marketing campaigns, the gender segregation data is something that you cannot easily ignore. If your product is a gender-based one, then you should indeed go through this report seriously. This will help you in improving the quality of your digital marketing efforts by making necessary changes, whenever you see some shortcomings with the report.

The steps for viewing the Gender Segmentation report with Google Analytics for your website is very simple and can be accessed with the following steps.

  • Navigate through the left-hand side of the Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Click on the “Audience” link.
  • Click “Demographics” under the “Audience” link.
  • Click “Gender” under “Demographics”.
  • Now you will be able to get the gender segmentation report based on a particular date range.

There is also a Google Analytics video tutorial that shows you how to access this report. Let us go through this short and simple video tutorial that can help you in your digital marketing activities.

The above Google Analytics video tutorial will help you to understand the navigational path to get the gender segmentation report. It is sure that this tip will be helpful for you in enhancing the online marketing campaigns for your website and business.

So remember the steps and the next time you will easily be able to extract the gender segmentation report from Google Analytics on demand. If you use the “Secondary Dimension” option, you will also be able to get other useful insights and metrics about the gender segmentation report for your website.

You just need to explore more on this report and keep drilling down of various other interesting reports related to the same.

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