How to Get Google Analytics Device Category Report for Your Website [Free Online Video Tutorial]

The details of the traffic coming from various devices is another important feature of a free web analytics tool such as Google Analytics. As we all know there are different device categories that we use to access the internet and browse various websites. As a result, chances are that the traffic coming to a website will be from any of these devices. The major device category that we can see in a Google Analytics report are Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet.

Of the major three device categories, the mobile category is on a rapid increase. If we check the Google Analytics account of a website, we can see that the traffic from Mobile devices for a particular website is steadily increasing on a regular basis. For some websites, the traffic from Mobile devices is way ahead of desktop and tablet.

As a webmaster or digital marketer, we will be very keen to know the traffic details for the mobile device category and this report is very much useful for analyzing various facts about the website’s performance. It is a real fact that more and more people are turning towards mobile devices for browsing the internet and hence the mobile traffic for a website will see a huge increase in the coming days.

Moreover, the majority of the websites have turned towards responsive modes so that it is well presented on mobile devices. So the mobile device category report from Google Analytics can guide you in a better way to make your website more mobile-friendly.

Taking the mobile device category report form Google Analytics is not a huge task if you know the navigation path very well. It is available in the outer layer of the report, and hence you can easily access the same.

For those who are not aware of getting the device category report for the website’s traffic report from Google Analytics, we can go through the steps required to get the report. The steps are simple and you just need to get familiar with the navigation path. So below are the steps that can help you in viewing the device category report in Google Analytics.

  • Log-in to your Google Analytics account
  • Navigate through reports on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
  • Click on “Audience”.
  • Click on “Mobile” under the “Audience” section.
  • Select the “Overview” link under the “Mobile” section.
  • Now, you will be able to see the device category report in tabular form.

For those who still need more clarification regarding the steps to see the device category report in Google Analytics, a simple free video tutorial can help you out. This short video tutorial can show you how to navigate to the device category report in your Google Analytics account. So let us have a look into this free and short online video tutorial.

The above video is able to simply explain to you how to access the Device Category report in your Google Analytics account, so as to get a better understanding of the traffic coming to your website from different devices.

If you have a look into the video, you will be able to understand how simple it is to access the device category report from Google Analytics. You can also download the report from there and use it for various other reporting activities.

Moving forward, it seems that more digital marketers and agencies will be giving more importance to the Device Category reports, to make sure that the website is performing well across various devices.

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