How to Get the Browser Reports in Google Analytics [Free Video Tutorial]

The Google Analytics tool is full of amazing web traffic reports that you will not see in any other free web analytics tool. Google Analytics is improving itself rapidly on a regular basis and every month, you can see some amazing reporting features being introduced with the tool. Now, we will just go through a simple and useful free online video tutorial on Google Analytics that helps you on how to take the reports for the browsers that drive traffic to your website.

These days, there are different browsers that are being used globally. The emergence of the latest mobile phones and tabs have seen a huge spike in the browser varieties and chance, you can see website traffic coming from different browsers. Some of these browsers are not even heard by us so far.

In Google Analytics, there is an option to get the details for the browsers from which the traffic is coming to the website. This might not have a great impact on deciding the effectiveness of the traffic coming to a website, but still, it is a useful metric that can be used in various ways.

This report can give a clear indication of the usability of the websites in different browsers. If the website is not working fine with any of the browsers, it will be reflected in the Google Analytics report. And hence the browser data can also be used to improve the quality of the website if they are interpreted properly.

So, we will just have a look into how we can get access to the browser details report from Google Analytics. This one is also a pretty easy one and does not need to drill too deep into the analytics reporting features. It can be accessed with a few mouse clicks. So below are the steps for getting the browser details report for a website from Google Analytics.

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account
  • Go to the left-hand side of the dashboard report.
  • Click on “Audience”.
  • Under “Audience”, click on the “Technology” link.
  • Click “Browser & OS” under “Technology”.
  • Now, you will be able to see the Google Analytics report for the browsers driving traffic to your website.

The below given Google Analytics video tutorial will give you a better understanding of how to get the browser details from Google Analytics.

That is all, and now you have got the details for the browsers from where your website is getting traffic from. Based on this report, you can make whatever decisions that you want to get implemented on your website.

You can also download the report on your system so that you can use it for further customization or creating your own report dashboard.

You can also get more details regarding the browsers such as its location, landing page, bounce rate, average time spent, etc.

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