How to Download or Export Your Google Analytics Reports for Better Presentations [Video Tutorial]

If we are having a website that serves as a major income generator, then the use of a website traffic monitoring tool such as Google Analytics is inevitable. The free traffic monitoring tool by Google Analytics is highly powerful and helps you to analyze the performance of your website in a better way. Google Analytics has an amazing reporting dashboard and provides a wide array of reports and metrics that you can use in calculating the effectiveness of your website. You will also be able to analyze the effect of various digital marketing activities that are being implemented to boost your website’s online presence.

Whatever be your businesses, you would always love to know how your marketing activities are progressing. And especially in digital marketing, it is very much easier to interpret your marketing efforts due to the availability of various online marketing tools. And one of the most digital marketing tools available for website owners is Google Analytics and it is free of cost to a great extent. Most of us often forget to utilize the benefits of this amazing free website tracking tool and this is something the needs to be considered seriously.

The Google Analytics tool provides some astonishing reports on its dashboard and it is highly presentable. One of the major features of the Google Analytics report is that it can be downloaded in different formats and shared with respective persons that are dealing with digital marketing activities.

Google Analytics provides an easy interface when it comes to downloading or exporting its data and the webmasters really love this feature. It can be done in a single click of the mouse, once you are in the desired report section of your Google Analytics report.

Here we will learn how we can download a basic report on to your desktop or laptop easily. The steps for downloading or exporting your Google analytics is simple and you just need to follow the below steps.

  • Navigate through the left-hand side of the Google Analytics dashboard report
  • Click on any of the reports links except “Realtime”.
  • Here let us click on the “Acquisition” link.
  • Select “All Traffic” from the “Acquisition” link.
  • Click on the “Source/Medium” link from the “All Traffic” report.
  • Check for the top side of the “Source/Medium” report and you can see an option named “Export”.
  • While you click the “Export” tab, you can see download formats such as “PDF”, “Google Sheets”, “Excel (XLSX)” and “CSV”.
  • Once you click any of the options, that file will be downloaded on to your system and you can view the report after opening it.

That is all and you have now successfully downloaded the report from your Google Analytics report. You can use it for making any of your personalized and customized reports for analyzing your digital marketing efforts.

The below video tutorial will show you how you can download or export any of the Google Analytics report of your website. Hope, you enjoy this video and it is very much simple.

The above video tutorial is a clear indication of how you can use your Google Analytics tool to create more customized reports as per your requirements.

You have to decide upon which format you have to download the report and once you are done with it, you can use it for your communications regarding the digital marketing activities on your website.

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