How to Get the Existing Tracking Code from Your Google Analytics Account [Video Tutorial]

We all use Google Analytics to track the traffic coming to our website and it has become an integral tool of an online marketer. We know that we need to place a small piece of tracking code from Google Analytics onto the website, so as to track the traffic properly. The tracking code is a small javascript code that needs to be placed on the pages that we need to track, and it can be done either by ourselves or with the help of a developer. If the tracking code is not properly placed on the website, you will not be able to receive proper reports from Google Analytics.

There will be situations when we have Google Analytics code already installed on the websites but needs to get the code from the Google Analytics account. It might be because, we might be using the old Google Analytics code, or we might be going to revamp our existing website. In this case, we will have to take the new code from the Google Analytics account as the code usually gets updated and upgraded during a particular time period. Here we will go through a simple video tutorial that shows you how to get the new and updated Google Analytics code from your existing account.

If you go through the Google Analytics video tutorial given below, you can see that you can easily get the new tracking code for placing on your website. If you go to the bottom of the left-hand side menu of the dashboard, you can see a wheel-shaped icon, which is mainly used for the “settings” section of various online tools. Just click on that wheel-shaped icon and you will be able to see a new settings dashboard, which has three main columns named as

  • Account
  • Property
  • View

Under the “Property” column, you can see a link named “Tracking Info”. Click on that link and you can see different sub-links under that section.

Click on the link named “Tracking Code” and a new section will be opened in front of you, in which you will be able to see the tracking code. Copy the code from there and paste it on the webpages as per the instructions given by Google Analytics.

So, now let us have a glimpse of this small and useful Google Analytics video tutorial, that shows you how to get the Google Analytics code for your existing account. Hope you enjoy this video and make it beneficial for you.

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