How to Grant Other Users Access to your Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is one of the best free tool to track your website traffic and is the most used tool by webmasters. The tool is free to install and you are able to view much precise information about your website traffic. Since Web Analytics plays a major role in SEO campaigns, most of the webmasters try to install an Analytics code into their or client’s website.  Creating a Google Analytics account is so easy and you just need to have a valid Gmail account and can login with your Gmail account details.

A website should have only one Analytics code installed within it and the presence of more than one code would end up in wrong reports.  Consider that you have installed Google Analytics code for your client from your own account or vise versa. In both cases only one party can view the results and this creates confusion between you and your client.  So it is always better if there is any option to share your Analytics details with your client or vise versa.

One of the major feature of Google Analytics is that it lets you to grant access to other persons to view the reports of the websites which comes under your Google Analytics account. With this feature you just need to add the second party as  a user with your account and the second party can view the Analytics report of his website by logging into his own Analytics account. The steps to grant access another person the privilege to view your Analytics account are simple and is listed below.

1) Log on to you Analytics account

2) On your Analytics dashboard there would be a list of Analytics account in a table. Click on the link of the Analytics account you wish to grant access to others and you would enter another page.

3)In the new page you can see a list of websites listed under that particular account in a table. Below the table you can see a link “User Manager” which you need to click.

4) After clicking on the “User Manager” link, you would be directed to a new page named “User Manager” and you can see a table which has a link named “Add user” on the top.

5)Click on the link named “Add user” and you will now enter a page named “Create New User For Access”. Here you can enter the email address of the person to whom you wish to grant access to your particular Analytics data.

6) After entering the email address you can specify the access type. Basically there are 2 types of access types namely “View Reports Only” and “Account Administrator”. Select the one that is required.

7) There is another table in the same page which contains the list of websites in that particular account. You just need to select the website to which you wish to grant access.

8)After selecting the website, just click on the button named “Save Changes” given at the bottom and the process is completed.

Now the person to whom you have granted access can view the Analytics data of your website, by logging into his Analytics account.

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