Exclude IP Address in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best free web analytics tool available and is the most used web analytics tool. Google Analytics (GA) has a lot of advanced features which makes the web analytics more interesting. Moreover it is simple to use and you don’t need to use any software to run this, instead you just need to paste a simple script on to you web pages. In this post, I would like to explain how we can exclude a particular IP address while using Google Analytics.

1) Log on to your Google Analytics account. If you use more than one websites for tracking, the list of those sites would be displayed on the first page you enter after logging in.  This page is known as the account overview page and lists all the websites that are using Google Analytics code with this account.

2) Click on the name of the website account, of which you need to exclude a particular IP address.

3)Now You would be taken to the profile overview page for that particular website, where you can see a table in which the website that you need to filter the IP is seen.

4) There is an Edit link on the right side of the table, corresponding to the website name. Click on this link.

5) Now you will enter the Profile Settings page of that website. Here you can see a table with the title Filters Applied to Profile. Click on the “Add Filter” link on the top right of that table.

6) Now you will enter the page named Create New Filter. Select the Add new Filter for Profile radio button for new filters.  Enter a suitable filter name under the Filter Name field.

7) Select the Exclude all traffic from an IP address drop down option from the Filter Type menu.

8 ) Enter the IP address to be excluded in the box provided below. e.g if you IP address is, then it should be typed as 123\.249\.21\.162.

9) Then click on the Save Changes button.

10) Now you have completed the process of filtering this particular IP address from tracking by the Google Analytics code.

Filter IP Address

Hope this would work for you better.


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    I believe Google Should have this as a Default setting.It’s hard to know when you are your biggest visitor which is normal for a new blog.And refreshing your page or Editing html will give you no idea where the visitors are going this is a good tip thanks

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