Creating Advanced Segment for a Geographical Region with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and free web analytics tool available and is much better than many other free web analytics softwares available. Google analytics is not a hosted web analytics tool, but is just a compatible javascript code which needs to be included between the tag of an HTML page.

Google Analytics is so flexible and user friendly Internet analytics tool and comes with a variety of customized report options. In this post I would like to write about how to create an Advanced Segment for a particular geographical region with Google website analytics tool.

Consider that you have a website and have installed Google Analytics code to track the traffic details. You need to know the top landing pages or top content from the city “Kuala Lumpur”. In this case you can take the advantages of advanced segments in Google Analytics. The steps for setting up an advanced segment for a particular geographical region in this cases is given below.

1) On your Google Analytics Dashboard there is a link named “Advanced Segments” in a box named “My Customizations” on the left hand side. Click on the link named “Advanced Segments”.

2) After step 1 you will be taken to a new page and click on the link named “Create new custom segment” on the top right.

3) You can see a box named “Dimensions” on the left with several links. Click on the link named “Visitors”.

4) A new drop down will be displayed with several metrics. Drag the metric named “City” to the box named “dimension or metric” on the centre of the page.

5) Make the “Condition” as “Matches exactly”.

6) Type or select the city name “Kuala Lumpur” from the drop down menu.

7) Name the Segment as “Visits from Kuala Lumpur”.

8) Finally click the “Create Segment” button.

Now you have successfully set up Advanced Segment for the geographic location “Kuala Lumpur”. To see the segmented report go to “Content” and click on the “Top Content” link. Now you can see a section named “Advanced Segments: All Visits” above the top right of the graph. Click on the down arrow and check the box corresponding to “Visits from Kuala Lumpur” in Custom Segments and click on the Apply button.

Now the Google Analytics Graph will show the overall visits in blue and the “Visits from Kuala Lumpur” in orange.  The statistical table below now shows Page views for each page containing All Visits and “Visits from Kuala Lumpur”. This type of segmentation would help you in effectively analyzing your traffic to your pages from a particular geographical location. Hope you will find it interesting and don’t forget to try this out on your Analytics account.

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