Is Google Analytics Result Influenced by System Clock?

As we all know, Google Analytics is one of the most used free web analytics software around with a lot of features. Majority of the websites uses Google Analytics software to track its traffic and other user behaviors. Google Analytics has become one of the most integral tool of every online marketing activities.

One of the major disadvantage of Google analytics is that it does not show real time traffic data and always shows a time lag of few hours. There are many other analytic tools which show real time data, but Google overcome these with the depth of its traffic data reporting and a clean user interface.

One thing I came to notice is that to some extend Google Analytics results are influenced by our System clock time. I came to sense this when I tested my Analytics account from home and my office. The system clock in my home is Indian time and when I view Google Analytics data, I get data with few hour lags but I am able to see the data of that particular date. For eg. If I am viewing Google Analytics data on 7th July, I can see the data for that date except for few time lag.

Now the system clock in my office has a difference of almost 18 hours due to the nature of my work. When I access Google Analytics from my office I see a huge difference in the time lag and even the data that I see shows  a difference of 1 day when compared with the analytics data that I see from home. For eg. if I access the analytics from my office on the same day (7th July), the analytics data shows report till 6th July only. This is almost making a difference of more than 24 hours.

This means that Google Analytics is also somewhat taking the system clock time into account while showing reports. I searched on the net regarding this issue, but could not find a proper answer for the same. If anybody knows more details about this, please let me know.


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