Google Ads Comes with Expanded Portfolio Bid Strategies with Several Other Options

As per the latest news, Google Ads is now busy rolling out its new options for portfolio bid strategies. With its latest update, Google Ads is making the bid strategies compatible with more types of smart bidding. As we all know, the porfolio bid strategy by Google Ads helps the advertisers in optimizing the overall performance across multiple campaigns. The portfolio bid strategy is indeed an automated, goal driven bid strategy, which groups various campaigns, ad groups and keywords together.

As of now, the portfolio bid strategies is available for options such as Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize clicks, and Target impression share. With the latest expansion, Google Ads is going to make it easier for using the Smart Bidding for the search campiangs. The porfolio bids are also available to use along with the Maximize conversions and Maximize conversion value.

Now the advertisers using Google Ads can pair these new portfolios along with shared budgets and this can help in assisting for increasing conversions or conversion value.

Google is now recommending the users to incldue campaigns in the same portfolio if they share a common budget and use Maximize clicks, Maximize conversions, or Maximize conversion value.

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