New Features of Google Adwords Editor 12

Google has released the version 12 of Google Adwords editor recently which has brought along with it various new features and facilities. Google Adwords Editor helps to manage your Adwords campaign offline, make necessary changes and then upload it live to reflect the changes in your Adwords account. Google Adwords tool is a handy tool when it comes to managing different Adwords account and campaigns in a quick span of time.

Most of the Adwords advertisers use Google Adwords Editor to manage their accounts and campaign easily and also to save a lot of time. Here are some of the features and facilities that are accompanied with the released of Google Adwords Editor 12.

1) New and Refreshed Design
When compared with the previous version of Google Adwords Editor, the version 12 provides a new and refreshed design layout. The look and feel of Google Adwords Editor 12 have changed considerably and the design looks pretty clean and more professional. This time, Google has given much more importance to product usability based design so that the users will not find any difficulty in using this tool.

2) Facility for Custom Rules
Custom rules are one of the most important features of Google Adwords and in the previous versions of the Google Adwords Editor, the users were not able to setup the custom rules. But with the new Adwords Editor version, you can easily set up custom rules for your campaigns, for improving your overall campaign performance.

3) Fast Downloading
The downloading of data from the online account to the Adwords editor has improved when compared with the previous versions. The Google Adwords Editor 12 has come up with a much improved downloading speed and you can see that your data is downloaded in a faster mode.

4) Maximize Conversions Bidding
Google had recently released a feature known as “Maximize Conversions” which sets the ideal bid for each auction so as to get the most conversions out of it. The previous versions of Google’s Adwords Editor did not have this feature, but the new version has included this feature in it.

5) Ability to Upload 20 Images and Videos
The new Google Adwords Editor 12 allows you to upload 20 images and videos to make your ads more attractive and interactive. This is considered as another new feature, as the previous versions did not allow to upload such a huge number of images and videos.

6) New Customization for Responsive Ads
The Google Adwords Editor 12 has come up with new customization fields for responsive ads, which helps to make your ads look more attractive and compelling. This will helps to optimize and improve your responsive ads so that you get the most out of your ads.

If you have not tried Google Adwords Editor 12, the upgrade or download it online and see what all other new feature you can experience. There are still other small new features that might be useful for the Adwords professionals in one way or the other.

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