New Keyword Planner Tool Released by Google AdWords

In its latest update, Google Adwords has rolled out a new version of its Keyword Planner. The new Keyword planner is available now in the new AdWords experience.

The new Keyword Planner has been made simple, but at the same time, it offers certain new features to help online advertisers get more data from their search campaigns.

New features of the keyword planner tool include the ability to add keywords in bulk and get an overview of the forecasts in one place. The biggest upgrades to Keyword Planner are the aesthetic changes, which are consistent with the look and feel of the new AdWords experience.

The new Keyword Planner now includes an estimate of how the keywords in the advertising plan will impact performance, including the max CPC.

In addition, the device and location breakdown are now easily available without having to click through to different menu tabs on the dashboard.

This new version of Keyword Planner was first made becoming available to a limited number of Adwords users last month. But now it is available for anyone with access to the new AdWords experience.

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