Time to Embrace Mobile Optimization of Websites

For the last few years, we have seen Google giving some kind of priorities to websites that are optimized for mobiles. Most of the non-mobile friendly websites were getting enough organic traffic back then and the webmasters were hesitant to go for mobile friendly website. But soon some of the websites started loosing out organic traffic and they were forced to go for mobile friendly websites. Some websites still got steady organic traffic even without being optimized for mobiles.

But recent updates from Google gives us a clear indication that the year 2017 will be mainly be focused on mobile optimized websites. Google will be adopting Mobile First Index strategy in 2017, where mobile search will be given higher priority. Google will be having mobile index and desktop index for its search results and the mobile index will be primary index. Desktop index will be taken as a secondary index and will not be highly up to date.

As per Google, 75% of the search in 2017 will be from Mobiles and this gives a clear signal for SEOs to make their website mobile friendly. Those who resist to change, will move down in the search results and will see a considerable drop in the overall organic traffic. If the SEOs want to maintain the traffic and rankings, they have to adapt to the changes and move along.

For a website to be mobile friendly, it has to be responsive and should also have an optimized Schema Data structure. The Mobile Index strategy will affect the way Google ranks your website and Google will use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that particular website.

How to Tackle the Scenario
There are basically 2 ways to tackle the scenario. On way is to make your website responsive enough so that it appears fine while viewing through mobile devices.

The second way is to make a separate mobile version of your website so that it is displayed properly in mobile devices.

So it is high time for the webmasters to decide whether to adapt to the mobile versions of their websites or not. It is better that things are done at the proper time so as to avoid dip in the overall organic traffic for your website.

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