How To Design Online Marketing Strategies in Tight Budget

Many companies can’t afford to invest on advertising, but you can still market your business in a digital world using the right online marketing strategies. These creative and inexpensive strategies also help you afford to use a web design company to redesign your website.

Define your budget
First of all you need to plan your budget. Find out how much you can afford and then stay within the limits of your budget. Also, make sure to add how much you’re paying your employees and for what duration they are working on your online marketing strategies.

Use Social Media
Social media is one of the best online marketing strategies. You can sign up for free. Social media is a place where you have access to millions of people and it helps you in identifying your target market.

Be regular in posting
Being consistent in posting on your Facebook page and Twitter account will help you to connect with existing customers and will help you locate new ones as well. Of course, you need to create informative and engaging content to post. If people find your posts interesting, they are more likely to share them with other potential customers. Add your personal experiences, tips and ideas in your content. This makes your content unique and promotes your business. Also, unique content makes people feel that you are an expert in your niche.

Get endorsed by a local celebrity
Instead of dreaming to have a superstar to endorse your product, try seeking out a local personality. Local personalities are people your newspaper is publishing about. They could be a teacher or a senior citizen who works for the welfare of society. Since they’re in your locality, it’s not that difficult to trace them out and contact by phone or e-mail.

Create a LinkedIn group
Not only LinkedIn groups are free to sign up for, it allows you to contribute your professional network a fresh, interesting information resource while at the same time gain traffic to your site and boost sales. But don’t use the platform to overdo anything.

Get published on niche blogs
Sometimes it may be hard to get on to the cover page of a leading magazine, but still you can create marketing opportunities by getting published on a popular niche blog. Look for popular blogs in this niche then contact the blog owner and explain him/her of how you’d like to add more value to their readers. You can try these:

• You can offer some samples of your product or service to the owner of the website, so that they can distribute them as gifts to their audience. This is more effective than a product review, which only offers information.

• Give out your ideas for the blog posts you’d like to write and give reason for how they would be useful for their readers.

• Ask them for an interview to your site. This might please the website owner to promote your content since it influences his or her business.

Create videos for You Tube
You Tube has more than 800 million visitors a month and is an effective platform for online marketing business. To reap its benefits, start posting as many videos of your product as possible or sharing thoughts.

However, you need to consider the following points while creating a video:

• A keyword-researched title
• A well-defined editorial message
• A call to action

If you can invest on cameras, lighting equipment and editing software, the camera embedded in your smartphone should capture online video as and when needed. For the editing part, the iMovie apps on your Mac will help you with this. You can also try online software for free or seek the help of an experienced editor from sites such as for a reasonable price.

Write an e-book on a specific topic to your industry
You no longer need to depend on a publishing company or require a huge investment to get your book distributed. Leading publishing sites like Amazon will let you upload a digital book for free. Make sure to add your website links in the first few pages of your book, since many e-book publishing websites allow their customers to view the first few pages of an e-book before buying.

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