3 Killer Online Marketing Secrets

Online Marketing has thrived despite the recent economic downturn as more and more companies realise they can no longer afford to ignore the internet as a source of business revenue.

Whether it be SEO, online PR or social media marketing, an increasing number of companies have had to look beyond traditional means of attracting new business. What’s more, most have found success thanks to the ability to reach a much wider audience of potential customers.

Below are 5 killer secrets that could give your online marketing campaign a boost and turn your business into the next big online success.

1) Online PR lets you control your image
There are a number of online PR networks that cater to a variety of budgets to suit a business of any size. The main advantage of an online PR campaign is the ability to promote your business in a positive way within trustworthy news sources rather than just your own website.
Online reputation management is big business, with a lot of major corporations spending seven-figure sums to ensure there is positive rather than negative discussion about their business online. Online PR allows you to do this relatively cheaply.

2) Embrace SEO… but don’t rely on links
SEO is a term that most businesses wouldn’t have heard of until recent years and many still don’t bother trying to increase search engine rankings. The smart companies either invest in a digital media agency to propel them to the top of Google or employ an in-house SEO guru to work alongside their webmaster.

SEO relies largely on attracting links into the site, but due to the relative ease of ‘gaming’ this system with unnatural, spammy links, Google are looking for a new ranking signal. Which brings us to the next secret…

3) Social Media is the future of online marketing
2011 has been a huge year for social media, and both agencies and in-house marketing teams alike have ploughed thousands into social media marketing. Google loves social and puts a lot of faith into signals from Facebook, Twitter and other social bookmarking sites.
Google have even launched their own social network, Google+, and can’t say enough about it. The number of +1s a site gets is already a big ranking factor and this will increase in prominence as Google moves away from traditional links.


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