10 Major Types of Online Advertising and Marketing Activities

Online Advertising or internet marketing is one of the most economical and effective mode of advertising which is widely being used by a large number of business website owners. Internet marketing and advertising activities have rolled out from the big companies towards the small scale industries these days and it is really impossible to ignore the power of online advertising. Internet marketers come up with a wide range of online advertising activities to boost the traffic and revenue for a website.

Internet advertising and marketing is a vast area where there are plenty of options to implement it and the online advertising strategies differ depending upon the nature of the business. It is always a better idea to use a handful of the various online advertising strategies for a better results and if carried out in the proper way, the online advertising methods are the most affordable and effective methods of marketing in the current scenario. The advantages and benefits of online advertising has already been mentioned in this blog before.

internet-advertisingThe various online advertising campaigns are aimed at getting more traffic and increased branding. Internet marketers worldwide adopt different forms of internet advertising strategies for different kind of business. Here are 10 of the major types of online advertising activities which are used to gain traffic, visibility and ultimately revenue for a website.

1) Search engine optimization (SEO)
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most solid, slow and yet effective form of online advertising method which is widely used by internet marketers. SEO is the basic form of internet advertising and is very much affordable when compared with other online advertising methods. SEO is actually the process which involved the improvement of the search engine visibility of a website which is made by making some basic changes on various elements of a website along with some external promotion activities. A well managed SEO campaign can offer you relevant organic traffic for a longer period when compared with other methods and this will indeed improve your overall leads and branding.

2) Search engine marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is another method of improving the search engine visibility and the only difference with SEO is that you have to pay for your website’s inclusion in search engine and similar channels. SEM is highly recommended if you are in need to quick instant and relevant traffic to your website through search engines. The more you are willing to pay, the higher will be the traffic and the only drawback is that once you stop paying, your website will be out of the frame. But for generating quick and relevant traffic and leads, search engine marketing is considered to be the best.

3) Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is one of the most powerful mode of online marketing and include the promotion of  a website and its products through various social media channels. It is  a form of viral marketing and is very much powerful as the advertising and its outcome clearly depends upon the community to which your website is promoted.

4) Display advertising
This is yet another useful for of internet advertising and includes the display of banner ads, images, or text ads on various sources so as to attract the visitors and induce a visit to the website. If conveyed in the best way, display advertising is found to be very much effective and produces a better ROI. There are also various platforms that help you to setup your display advertising campaign and track the performance in a better way.

5) Email marketing
If you want to sent out or promote your business to the most targeted users on the internet, then you can adopt email marketing as your major tool. Email marketing is one of the best way to advertise your business to the most relevant users and is one of the favorite tool of internet marketers. You will be having a list of the emails of your potential customers and you will be sending promotional mails to those users using various email marketing campaign tool. Email marketing is reported to have a better conversion rate.

6) Referral marketing
Referral marketing is a kind of word of mouth advertising over the internet and is also proved to be very much effective. Referral marketing is made possible if you have a good number of customers on the internet who speaks about the advantages and benefits of your business. Such an activity has the potential to sky rocket your overall conversion rate for your marketing activities. Referral marketing is made easy if you have a good base of satisfied customers.

7) Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the most commonly and fast emerging internet marketing and advertising technique. This is an online advertising method which is implemented through the promotion of your products by another person on his website or social media profiles. If a sale occurs, you will be paying the website owner a percentage as commission. This is one of the best form of internet advertising and the more commission you are willing to pay, the more affiliate marketers will be willing to promote your business and earn commission.

8) Content marketing
Content is the King for any online advertising and marketing campaign, and it has a influential role on the success of any website or online marketing campaigns. A good, unique and informative content is accepted by all types of users and also has a better chance of getting promoted virally over the internet. So if you have the right content and proper content marketing strategies, then your success will have no limits.

9) Inbound marketing
Inbound marketing is the combined process of marketing your website through SEO, Social media, ebooks, white papers etc and these days inbound marketing is considered as an integral part of any internet advertising campaign. Inbound marketing mainly focuses on attracting customers towards the company, rather than going after them. This method of online marketing is quite affordable and effective and the only thing that you need to take care is to make the basic things such as SEO, social media and other activities more strong for a better inbound marketing experience.

10) Video Marketing
It has been proved time and again that visuals are more effective than text ads when it comes to any type of advertising. Same is the role of visual ads in internet marketing and online video marketing  is something that is considered with high importance by majority of the internet advertisers. The idea behind this is to create an interesting and interactive video clip of your business and promote it on the web using various video and social media channels. An interactive and well created ad can pull out a good number of leads and most of these leads are very much potential customers.

A few of the major internet advertising and marketing activities are  given above and hope that you can go through it and get a basic idea of how to make use of the vast potential and benefits of online advertising and marketing activities. Hope you enjoy it!



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