The Social Media Marketer and His Bag of Tools

Online marketers are turning to social media by the droves because these marketing methods work; it’s as simple as that. These platforms offer qualified backlinks, search engine listings and expose new content and websites to a large amount of traffic. However, just as in other online marketing methods, some of the activities can be extremely time consuming, as a result, online managers and marketing leaders need new social marketing tools or application releases to help implement marketing campaigns more efficiently. The following is a list of new social media space tools that can help do just that.

A set of tools that help marketing teams simplify their social marketing campaigns. It offers a step-by-step process that takes you through the planning, launching and analysis process. The platform includes different team spaces where members can collaborate with other designers, developers and content creators, but can also effectively show progress to vendors, customers and others. Members can ask questions about a certain activity or process on the platform and address each collaborator’s contribution. Essentially this is a productive and efficient way to follow up, simplify and plan the creative marketing plan.

Likeable & Wildfire
Another interesting tool for social media marketers, as the company is now partnering with Wildfire to create a Social Marketing Suite. This set of tools allows online marketers to plan, and manage all of their social ads. It also offers template pages, scheduling of social messages and other tools allowing posts to be made automatically. This keeps the brand image constant across all social platforms. Another feature is the detailed analytical reports showing you what fans or friends like, and what they don’t.

Although this is only a Twitter tool per se, it can also help you develop campaigns for other social media websites as it helps you find the topics of conversation everyone seems to be discussing. All you need to do is enter the topic of conversation, and monitter will list all the Twitter posts that relate to that topic.

This cloud-based application is an authoring tool that helps you build engaging ads and applications that offer content across the different social platforms and mobile devices.

This management system allows an advertiser to monitor, and manage all of its posts across the distinctive social media platforms from one screen.

Those who need to hit social platforms hard and fast will like this tool as it allows a company to manage text, photos, videos and place the workflow into different folders for approval and publication to multiple platforms.

Crowd Factory
A suite of tools that includes everything to run a successful social campaign. It has added features that bring in new customers with quick simple social gestures. Analytical tools included allow for the easy tracking of ROI.

While not precisely a social media tool, this tool can help you plan your marketing strategy as it helps perform your market research. The application allows you to make a free 10-question survey and send it to 100 non-biased people for their answers, helping you identify your audience’s needs.

When it comes to online marketing, there are a number of tools that are constantly being thought up and introduced to the market. However, finding the right one depends on your social media marketing project, and what data you need to analyze.

Jennifer Moore, a media marketing veteran, has set out to show other online marketers how to make social media campaigns successful. She believes that Internet success is all about sharing ideas and methods that work. She contributes her ideas and writing to sites like DegreeJungle and several others.


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