How to Enable or Disable Autotagging in Adwords

Autotagging is one of the best way to analyse your Adwords keywords and costs with the help of Google Analytics. Once you have linked your Google Analytics with your Adwords account, you can analyse your keyword performance in a much better way with Adwords Autotagging. When compared with manual tagging, Adwords Autotagging helps you in saving a lot of time as it automatically tags all the URLs in different campaigns and AdGroups.

More over Autotagging is much more accurate and error free when compared with manual URL tagging and offers much more detailed information when compared with manual tagging of the URLs. So most of the online marketing consultants and professionals prefer auto tagging over manual tagging.  The information that we get as a result of enabling auto tagging would help us to efficiently manage our Adwords account.

Enabling or disabling autotagging is really easy and you do not have to go through complicated steps or process in order to enable auto tagging in Adwords. Usually auto tagging is enabled by default while creating an account in Adwords. Once the autotagging is enabled, the system automatically adds a unique id to your landing page URLs whenever someone clicks on the Ads that directs to your website.

Below are the steps that helps you to disable or enable autotagging in Adwords.

1) Log in to your Adwords account.
2) On the dashboard, go to “Preferences”  section under the “My Account” tab.
3) Under the “Preferences” section, there is an area named “Tracking” under where you can see the option to edit auto-tagging.
4) Click the “Edit” link provided there and you can see a check box which helps you to disable or enable auto tagging.
5) Checking this box enables automated tagging, whereas unchecking it disables auto tagging for your destination URLs.

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