Google Will Now Start Reviewing Photos and Videos Uploaded to Google My Business

In one of the most recent updates, Google has announced that they will be making some kind of changes in the video and photo content policy for its Google My Business listings. From now onwards, the photos and videos that are uploaded on to Google My Business listing will go through some kind of review process, before being published online.

Earlier, there were not any kind of reviews in place for uploading photos and videos on Google My Business page. But now you can start witnessing some kind of delay for the photos and videos to be made live on GMB profiles after they are uploaded.

As of now, there has not been any word from Google on whether the photos and videos will be review automatically by AI or go through a team of human content reviewers. If we think deeply, we can understand that a human review process for the photos and videos on GMG will make a longer delay for the content to be published live on GMB. But human reviewers are capable of catching up things that are not possible with machines or AI.

Reviews are Applicable to User Generated Content Only

As per some reliable sources, it is clear that the current change in the policy by Google is applicable to those content which are submitted by other users. In an official Tweet by the Google My Business team, it had pointed to a link that is applicable to the user contributed content policy of the Maps.

As per the updated user contributed content policy of Google My Business Page, it states that the content that are uploaded directly by the owner of the business does not have to be reviewed before publishing. Apart from the new review process, there are not other major changes to the policies of the user generated content for Google My Business Page.

Anyhow, the recent updates will makes things a little slower when it comes to uploading of content, but will make sure that the most relevant and genuine photos and videos are uploaded to each Google Business listings.

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