5 Reasons Why You Should get a Windows Phone

With iPhones and Android handsets taking the big share of the smartphone market, Windows phone is often unnoticed by most customers in their procurement decisions. However, the Windows Phone is now making a great comeback. This time the OS found a home in one among the most cherished smart devices in the business. The newest HTC one M8 along with windows has offered a fresh new charm to the Windows 8.1 and also utilizes a prospective to experience the OS on an outstandingly designed phone.

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Most of the people do not even take Windows phone into their consideration and the ones that do find a few reasons to dismiss this platform and switch in the iPhone or Android bandwagon. Though, windows might not be the apt answer for everyone, but here are some top reasons to complement why buying a windows phone may be a smart decision;

  1. Ease of use and simplicity

To deliver an enjoyable and gratifying experience, devices should be extremely easy to utilize whether we are speaking about finding an app, adjusting system settings, or configuring the home screen or start screen to the user’s desires.

In this regard, certainly windows phone does not dissatisfy its users. Users can also populate their smart device’s start screen with a great number of live tiles and place them based on their needs and desires, the apps are listed systematically in alphabetical order and also the setting is very much easier to explore and tweak.

Additionally, windows phone is highly easy to navigate as well. One can view their pinned live tiles simply by swiping vertically on the device’s start screen, the app list can also be triggered by a single swipe to the right aptly from the start screen and all the settings appear as an app inside the applications list.

  1. A consistent look

It is very easy to identify a Windows phone app even from some distance. The chunky buttons, design aesthetic, elegant lettering cover each and everything from Facebook to Spotify. When compared to the wonderful and weird interfaces which pop up across Android and iOS it is certainly a welcome change to dive into latest mobile platforms that’s recognizable and consistent. Windows phone has thrived in bringing a unified appearance to its menus and apps.

  1. Cortana

This Windows phone feature is undeniably a great plus for windows phone. Cortana is anthropomorphic, this signifies that you can now have a conversation with her and due to this fact; she manages to win over the renowned robotic Google Now responses.

Checking flight times, scheduling appointments, tracking new stories and giving directions, all these are within the Cortana’s great proficiencies right from the off. Not just that, Cortana gets cleverer and smarter as you spend lots of time together. Cortana aids in Windows Phone’s multitasking abilities.

  1. Pin what you desire and who you desire

Albeit windows phone is easy and simple to use, it is also relatively powerful. The OS allows users to make the most out of their start screens via live tiles. Users can pin all of their installed applications in order to view the very latest updates without even needing to open them. Groups of people and contacts can be pinned on their start screen as well.

  1. The action Centre

The action centre which is arriving with the latest Windows phone 8.1 brings the device platform’s notifications up to boost with iOS and Android. You can easily set up custom shortcuts within this Action centre for each and everything from camera app to Bluetooth and specific alerts can also be preview without opening the app.

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