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A few months before Apple launched its third beta version of iOS 7 that comes with a number of enhancements. These improvements have sorted out the bugs and thus fixed many things in the OS. The issues of double notification and the problems of AirPlay too were seen resolving in the iOS 7 beta 3 version.  Besides there are many added interesting features like Redesigned Fonts, better lock screen, enhanced Siri and New App Download Animation are just some of the features to name in it. However, there are many users who still do not know the real art of using iOS 7 beta 3 version. The following are some of the best tips to use this version, let’s check them out:

Swipe down for search
The days are gone for having to tap or swipe your way to dedicated search web page of iOS. Now, you have the choice of accessing the Spotlight in order to search from anywhere over the homescreen. All you need to do is to just swipe down over the middle of your device screen. Also, you have the option of using Spotlight in order to quickly search the applications, contact, emails, etc. found in your device.

Revealing the iMessage and the SMS Timestamps
The users often faced problems in knowing when and how the message was received or sent out over the iOS. It simply used to tell them that some messages have come, which created confusions in the minds of the users. However, this problem was simply resolved with the advent of iOS 7 beta 3 versions. In this, you can expose the timestamp for all the messages, all you need to do is to simply grab the one of the speech bubbles placed over the thread followed by swiping it over to the left direction.

The built in level
The third beta version of iOS 7 comes with the built in bubble level of different things. It is one of the interesting features, which any user would just love on using it. In order to move on to the next level, you simply have to open the compass application though not instantly as there is a second page over this application. Now you need to swipe at the left hand direction which will take you the Apple’s level.

Call/SMS/Facetime Blocking
Earlier blocking certain calls, texts and Facetime was seen very much difficult at the iPhone or iPad devices. The users really had to struggle a lot while availing these services by peeping hard over the search engines. However, this feature has become very much simple in the latest version of iOS beta 3 versions. In this version, it happens to be very much straight forward step, which helps in blocking the unwanted people calling or texting or even trying out the Facetime. All you can find is the block list over device’s Settings section. First just go to Settings then to Phone and there you will find an option called Blocked. Now specify (call, message or Facetime) what you want to block by simply choosing from the given list.

Final word
The third beta version of iOS 7 is called as a strange new land especially for the new users. However, exploring certain tips to use it can really help in enjoying this new OS version over your mobile devices.

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