Google Decides to Boost Encrypted Websites in Their Search Rankings

In a move to adding more value to its search results and to persuade webmasters to adopt technology that  protects websites from hackers, Google has decided to give the encrypted websites a boost in their search engine result pages. As per latest updates, Google has said that it will now give bonus points in its ranking algorithm to Web pages that are encrypted and Google hopes that it will help the webmasters in protecting their websites against hackers breaking into their websites and stealing sensitive user information. If this is implemented, then the websites using HTTPS protocol that improves secure communications over digital networks will get a boost in their search engine rankings.

Google has been taking various steps to make the web more secure and this move is considered as yet another step for improving the web security. When a website is encrypted, a barrier is added between the web users and anyone how plans to steal their data. Encrypted websites help protect users secure their data even when they are connected through un-secured Wi-Fi networks in various places. Encryption of  a website simply means that all the sensitive data on the website is safe and is difficult for others to steal the data.

Google seems to be planning to include the practice of giving bonus points for encrypted websites as a factor among more than 200 signals that it uses for ranking a website. There are various factors that Google takes into while ranking a website and these factors include site load time, content quality, keyword density, site architecture, proper tagging, page rank etc. And if the new idea is implemented the website encryption will also be given additional weightage while ranking. The officials at Google are very serious about taking website encryption into account while ranking websites.

When compared with the earlier period, encryption cost of websites have come down and hence majority of the average webmasters can afford to go for a encrypted website. Officials have also stated that there will not be any issue of websites slowing down due to the process of encryption. If website encryption will be considered as a factor for ranking, the webmasters can indeed switched to the encrypted version of their website without bringing too much financial burden.

So from now on, we can indeed see a lot of website becoming encrypted so as to stay afloat in the ever changing search ranking and also boost individual rankings in the search results. If you are not using encrypted website, you may well think of going for it as the coming days and months will be mainly focused on getting the websites encrypted and get better search engine results. It will be a new task for the webmasters and SEO professionals worldwide and will also bring a new dimension and perspective to search engine optimization activities.


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